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Fish Bites: Marlins and the Injury Bug

The Miami Marlins have had a number of things go wrong for them in 2012. Of late, the biggest problem has been the injury bug. The Fish cannot seem to get away from a handful of injuries that have plagued the club since July. From Giancarlo Stanton's absence to Logan Morrison's knee to the latest blow regarding Emilio Bonifacio, the team's struggles with injury are just another reason why the club as underachieved so badly.

- As mentioned earlier today, the Marlins are happy to hear that Emilio Bonifacio's hand injury was not as severe as expected. The Marlins second baseman will get his thumb checked out today by the same surgeon who took care of his May thumb surgery. With a team that has been devastated by injuries to key players as of late, this is good news to hear.

- Donnie Murphy also suffered a hamstring injury and has missed the last few games, though he is not expected to miss much time.

- As bad as the injury news has been, at least one bit of good news is on the way. Giancarlo Stanton should return to the Marlins lineup as soon as Tuesday.

- When Stanton does come back, expect Jose Reyes to remain batting third. Guillen is pretty happy with Reyes's performance, and why wouldn't he be? Reyes right now has a 24-game hit streak, the fourth-longest in team history.

- Sometime during the Washington Nationals series, Bryce Harper slammed his bat down in disgust in response to a strikeout. The bat broke off a piece that almost hit catcher John Buck. In what has become true Harper fashion, however, the next time he came up to the plate, he apologized to Buck. Sadly, it seems he isn't even a jerk we can make fun of.

- Remember the hypothetical Mets / Marlins deal that would have dealt Jason Bay to Miami? Eric Seidman of FanGraphs reviews the potential ramifications of the not-move.

- Griffin Klett of Marlins Daily points out that, as bad as the Fish have been, their run differential suggests that they have been worse.

- Geoff Parkins of Marlin Maniac thinks most of the trade deadline deals the Marlins made were good.

Around the League

- The question of whether Hanley Ramirez will once again become the star player he was before is asked, well, once again. I like the quotes that say Hanley was so happy to leave Miami he was making hand signals regarding Los Angeles before he left. What about the choked-up goodbye press conference? The split was surely mutual, but Ramirez was definitely happy being a Marlin too.

- Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports recants the unusual tale of Ben Sheets's arrival with the Atlanta Braves.

- The Philadelphia Phillies will hold on to Cliff Lee, at least when it comes to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Danny Knobler of CBSSports tells you why.

At Fish Stripes

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