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Weekly Ichthyomancy Update: July 29 - August 4

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Another week, another Weekly Ichthyomancy Championship and weekly update to be declared. How did our Fish Stripers do this week on Ichthy, especially with a Double Ichthy Points set of games in the doubleheader? Let's first look at the overall standings.

FishStriper Points
Jigokusabre 89
Jeremy Hulme 84
SuperRadz 84
dgriot 60
oladipo_for_mayor 50
whambam 46
Marlon D 35
mblally 30
d.o.g.o.b.g.y.n. 25
Andrew Townes 17

This week, we see Jigokusabre pulling ahead after a cold week by all three of the leaders of the overall season ichthyomancy. Jigo pulled ahead with a strong performance in Josh Johnson's start in Ichthyomancy, as he nailed both the Hero of the Game and AAB picks for a six-point pickup that made up for an otherwise point-less week. The two other leaders, SuperRadz and Jeremy Hulme, had a rough week in the sense that they could not gain any ground. Jeremy stayed out of the Double Ichthy Points fray to avoid penalties, while SuperRadz fell a few strikeouts short of making a quantum leap up the leaderboard.

Speaking of quantum leaps, don't look now, but whambam has forced his way into the discussion for the fourth/fifth place spots on the leaderboard, as he has now 47 points to close in on oladipo_for_mayor for the fifth place spot. He is also within shouting distance of dgriot, who until this week has had a rough second half.

Weekly Top Ten Leaderboard

FishStriper Points
whambam 7
dgriot 6
Jigokusabre 6
Marlon D 4
Ncchief31 3
Jeremy Hulme 2
SuperRadz 1

The weekly championship was won again on the back of whambam with a nice pick on a Jose Reyes game that gave him two points and a slim victory over dgriot (whose points I had to recalculate after making an error) and Jigokusabre. Both players ended up with six points, one shy of whambam's seven.

Congratulations whambam, you are this week's Weekly Ichthyomancy Champion! He is the first two-time winner of this event and he'll look to defend the crown again.

Second Half Leaderboard

FishStriper Points
Jigokusabre 26
whambam 26
Jeremy Hulme 21
Marlon D 15
Andrew Townes 12
SuperRadz 11
dgriot 8
mblally 7
kjt1027 6
Ncchief31 4

Jigokusabre and whambam are currently sharing the points lead for the season, with Jeremy Hulme five behind the leaders. SuperRadz, the first half leader, has fallen into a conspicuous cold streak, and we will have to see if he can recover to join the leaderboard at the top of the second half and hold onto the race for the overall lead.