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Game 106: Miami Marlins @ Washington Nationals, Game Thread and Ichthyomancy

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Current Series

4 game series vs Nationals @ Nationals Park

Miami Marlins
@ Washington Nationals

Friday, Aug 3, 2012, 4:05 PM EDT
Nationals Park

Brad Hand vs John Lannan

Partly cloudy. Winds blowing from right to left field at 5-10 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 90.

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Fri 08/03 7:35 PM EDT
Sat 08/04 7:05 PM EDT
Sun 08/05 1:35 PM EDT

Get ready for a long day of baseball gang, because today is doubleheader day in Washington as the Marlins come to visit the Washington Nationals! And you know what? Doubleheader day today also means Double Ichthy Points day for both games! This is a huge opportunity to open up or close a lead, so pick wisely for today's two ballgames.

Pitching Matchup

Proj Win% Proj ERA FIP ERA Marlins Nationals ERA FIP Proj ERA Proj Win%
--- --- --- --- Hand Lannan 2.57 3.94 4.50 .440

Brad Hand and John Lannan are both making returns to the major leagues, though Lannan has already started one game thus far. The last we saw of Brad Hand, he was floundering in the majors after floundering in Double-A, but he has looked really good in Triple-A New Orleans thus far this season, posting up a 3.66 ERA and 3.87 FIP with a decent 21.9 percent strikeout rate. His control is still off (10.2 percent walk rate), but it is what it is with Hand, who has never fully harnessed his stuff.


Order Player Proj wOBA vs. LHP
1 Emilio Bonifacio .306
2 Donovan Solano .291
3 Jose Reyes .347
4 Carlos Lee .335
5 Austin Kearns .320
6 Donnie Murphy .308
7 Gorkys Hernandez ---
8 Brett Hayes .278

Oh goodness, this lineup. Well, Jose Reyes is looking to extend his 20-game hit streak, and that is about the only highlight likely worth watching for when the Marlins hit, as the rest of teh lineup is pretty bad. Justin Ruggiano will miss another game with back spasms, as Gorkys Hernandez starts for him in center field for the second time in a row.


- It is Double Ichthy Points day for both games in today's doubleheader, so here are the rules once more:

1) All correct picks are worth double their usual points!

2) All incorrect non-attendance picks are worth -1 point. If there is no avaialble Hero of the Game, no one will be penalized.

3) If you make a light-enough pick that is still reasonable, I may consider it a 0-point pick for AAB, thus allowing you to "pseudo-pass" on making an AAB selection. But if you get that light pick wrong, it's -1 point. If it's too light (Marlins > 20 AB! Marlins >1 H!), your entire selection is invalid

Good luck on Ichthy in both games today!

Bold Prediction: Nationals def. Marlins 5-2