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Fish Bites: Wednesday

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I wonder if Ozzie was trying to stir it up this week when he said that the one thing he likes about Jacob Turner, is that he throws strikes. Obviously, this is high praise the right hander earned after his first start last week in Arizona. However, shouldn't Ozzie also love this about his other starters? In other words, shouldn't he be saying the same thing about Johnson, Buehrle, or Nolasco? What about Zambrano or Bell? I'm not trying to stir it up. But the reality is aside from Buehrle, the starting pitching has not done much this year. And its about time the ball club analyzes what it has going forward. I think JJ, Buehrle, Turner, and LeBlanc have the ability to throw strikes with consistently. The rest of the starting pitching, not so much.

- Manager Ozzie Guillen only expects two or three September call ups when the rosters expand on Saturday. He says many of the players up with the team now are the focus for the rest of this season. Read more here.

- Rob Brantly had a terrific homecoming over the weekend. He hit his first major league home run in Los Angeles against the Dodgers (a blast in the fifth inning of the game on Sunday). For Brantly, the hitting is starting to come around. Read more here.

- Giancarlo Stanton has earned his second player of the week honor this season. He had a road trip to remember. Hope you did not miss it. Click to read more here.

- The Marlinshave better attendance numbers this season for sure. But this has not led more wins. In fact, the team is struggling again, and might have a hard time preventing a decline in attendance next season if they do not re-tool their roster. Fangraphs gives more information here.

- A question is asked this week by Marlins Daily. Is Josh Johnson the ace the Marlins need? Or is he a star on the decline? Read more here.

Around the League

- The Pittsburgh Pirateshave released Erik Bedard. Kevin Correia might be getting back into the rotation. Read more here.

- Major League Baseball and ESPN have signed a new eight year deal. The eight-year deal is worth $5.6 billion. Click here for more.

- Gavin Floyd is back on the disabled list. This is his second stint on the DL this season.

At Fish Stripes

- Giancarlo Stanton edition this week. First question. Can Stanton hit 40 home runs this season? Read more from Mr. Jong here.

- Second question. Is Giancarlo the best power hitter in Marlins history? I think so. You can follow the debate here.