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Fish Bites: Wednesday

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The more I see and hear of what Ozzie Guillen has to say, the more I like it. I truly believe now he is understood. He is very honest, and sometimes he is too honest. And while I do not condone everything he says, the majority of it is very true. I wanted to touch below on what he said recently about Giancarlo Stanton.

-When Ozzie was asked recently if he was looking to give his slugger a rest anytime soon, he answered with the following: "He's going to play every day. He's missed too much time. We're going by ear." I like it. Look, if Stanton could not play, he would not be out there. And yes, even though he had surgery on his right knee in July, Stanton has played exceptional since his return. So why not continue to play him? The season does not have many games remaining.

- In breaking out of what appears to be a season long slump, John Buck is now using the whole field. He had a four hit game Monday night (home run and three singles). It did only raise his batting average to .198 however. Rob Brantly started the game on Tuesday night in case you were wondering.

- Silly story over how Marlins third base coach, Joe Espada, keeps his distance whenever Giancarlo Stanton is rounding the bases after hitting a home run. Espada refuses to greet him for health reasons. Last season after Stanton hit a home run, he "dropped the hammer' on Espada, and the coach thought it dislocated his shoulder. So for now, he will just send him a high-five from distance.

- Looking for excitement as this current season winds down? Look towards Giancarlo Stanton. He is threatening to win the home run crown. His two long balls on Monday night now push his season total to 26. He is now tied for third in the National League.

- For whatever reason, and for whatever its worth, the Marlins are showing more power away from home. They are erupting for more runs and more long balls even on this road trip. Marlins Park ranks 26 out of 30 ball parks in total home runs. So this should catch no one by surprise.

- If I can be honest with you, I love 'The Franchise' series. It will be sad to see the series end early after Wednesday's final episode. Obviously, the Marlins are not doing well. And thus for Showtime, it has not gone as well as they would have liked.

Around the League

- Melky Cabrera is rubbing quite a few people the wrong way. ESPN's Rick Sutcliffe recently suggested his working visa be removed and he be deported. That is strong. Read more here.

- As awkward as it is to see Jim Thome in a Orioles uniform, I will be glad to see him play one more time when he returns from the DL soon. He is looking forward to helping Baltimore make a playoff push.

- Jemile Weeks has been sent to the minors. The Athletics have seen enough. Their opening day second baseman has had a struggle at the plate all season. Read more here.

At Fish Stripes

- The Marlins are considering a long-term extension for Giancarlo Stanton. If they look past the Stanton injuries and their own team beliefs about giving long term contracts to young players, this should be a win for both sides.

- What can the Marlins expect from Jacob Turner when he takes the mound Wednesday afternoon against the Diamondbacks? Well, they are going to see the future. Hopefully he will pitch the team to a win. We'll see.