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Fish Cap: Miami Marlins 12, Arizona Diamondbacks 3

Source: FanGraphs

Attendance: 17,707

Hero of the Game: Giancarlo Stanton (+.169 WPA+)

Goat of the Game: John Buck (-.079 WPA+)

Play of the Game: Giancarlo Stanton homered in the fourth inning off of Joe Saunders. Two runners were on-base at the time. (+.205 WPA+)

The Marlins picked up another win on Monday night, kicking off a three-game series in Arizona. Giancarlo Stanton hit two more homers, and the Marlins scored nine runs in the fourth.

The Marlins scored nine of their twelve runs on Monday in the fourth inning. The Marlins sent twelve men to the plate that inning. Out of the three outs the D-Backs managed to record in the fourth, one out came from Buerhle hitting and another came from a out at the plate. I am fairly convinced that if baseball decided to switch to four outs per inning in the middle of this game, the Marlins would have scored another ten runs. Joe Saunders was just awful. I still can't believe that the D-Backs traded for him. I know they also got Patrick Corbin and Tyler Skaggs in the deal, but I don't understand why they would have any interest in Saunders.

Anyways, the only player in the Marlins' starting lineup not to record a hit was Mark Buerhle. Four Marlins had two hits, one had three, and two had four. It was one of the Marlins' finest team offensive performances of the year.

Giancarlo Stanton is having a crazy good week. His homers today showed that his hot stretch in Colorado wasn't just a mirage. In the fourth inning, Stanton hit a ball into the upper deck in left field. What I loved about this hit was not only how quickly it left his bat, but how the FS Florida cameraman immediately flashed his camera up to the sky at Chase Field. Even the cameraman was taken aback by how hard this ball was hit. In the seventh inning, Stanton hit another homer to left field. This guy is not even real.

Justin Ruggiano hit his eleventh homer of the season on Monday. Ruggiano is starting to look pretty real. Chances are he's not going to be able to repeat his numbers from 2012 or something close to it next year, but it's fun while it lasts.

On an off-topic note, the Diamondbacks only had seventeen thousand fans at their game tonight. They are averaging just under 28,000 fans per game in 2012. I guess Arizona fans just really don't like the Marlins or something...

I'm pretty confident that pretty much every Marlins' fan will agree that these last five games have been a bright spot in an otherwise dull season. The Marlins have now won four out of their last six games, largely thanks to Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton has now hit five homers in his last five games.

The Marlins and Diamondbacks have a doubleheader tomorrow. Jacob Turner will start the first game and Ricky Nolasco the second. To be honest, I'd be pretty surprised if Turner threw five innings and didn't allow less than four earned runs.