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Fish Bites: Stanton Bombs Keep Marlins Fans Interested

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It is hard to hold the fans' interests if your team is doing as poorly as the Miami Marlins are doing this season. But when your last-place team still has Giancarlo Stanton on its side, it does tend to draw the eyes of the fans. Stanton already hit a homer in six straight games at Coors Field, including three of the four in this series. And since this is Giancarlo Stanton we are talking about, none of them were gimmes. His first homer of the series went far, with a true distance of 456 feet. His second blast was the longest home run in three years. And his third shot? It bounced out of the stadium on one hop.

So yeah, if there was any reason to watch the Marlins every night, even with the team's struggles, it is to see just what Giancarlo Stanton may do next.

- Speaking of home runs, manager Ozzie Guillen said he wasn't surprised when Los Angeles Dodgers' third baseman Hanley Ramirez put on the "I see you" hand signal after he hit a homer off of Pittsburgh Pirates' starter A.J. Burnett.

"That’s Hanley," Guillen said of the former Marlin, now with the Dodgers. "[If] Hanley hit a home run down by 30 runs, he would pimp it. That’s the way he is."

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On the surface, that sounds a little like a shot at the parting Ramirez, but really, Ozzie just doesn't like that kind of stuff. I mean, here's what he thinks about "Lo Viste."

"I cannot say [anything] because my players do a stupid show," Guillen said. "They’re a last-place team. They score one run and they [act] like we score 100."

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We made it up. Now everyone's going to be doing it.

- The Marlins just got back Emilio Bonifacio and Donnie Murphy from injury, but before that, Greg Dobbs was playing everyday due to the lack of depth on the roster. And he was doing it hurt. This is the sort of thing that gets heralded as "being a team player" when it really looks like "getting playing time for being a worse player than usual." Then again, the Marlins did not have much of a choice, and Dobbs cannot be much worse with an oblique issue. He says it makes it hard to throw, but he is already a mediocre defender.

- In a move that surprised no one, the Marlins and Showtime's "The Franchise" will split an episode earlier than expected. Basically, they are going to count the preview episode from before the season as an episode and make that eight episodes. The last one will air next Wednesday, August 29.

- Meanwhile, the Marlins' players have seen a little of their football counterparts in the Miami Dolphins and their experience with HBO's Hard Knocks.

- While the Marlins may not be pretty on the field, one thing that has been a smashing success at the new Marlins Park, according to Doug Williams of, is the new bobblehead museum. Owner Jeffey Loria says he's planning on growing it, and I'd like to see that. I thought it was awesome.

- Speaking of the stadium, it looks like the city of Miami will be adding in some new stores in the parking garage shops area, including an Irish pub that sounds similar to the Clevelander.

City building managers say several leases are in the works, including a deal with an 8,500-square-foot Irish pub called The Tilted Kilt that prides itself on its scantily clad women servers.

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Look, I'll never say "no" to scantily-clad female servers, but it seems like some folks feel like it is just a bad fit for the Little Havana community. Rather than go for any business interested in the fronts, it seems the city wants it to be an entertainment and dining district. To me, if fans are coming to the park, they'll dine and visit entertainment facilities, and that brings the city money one way or another.

Around the League

- The Chicago Cubs and Starlin Castro have agreed to a seven-year, $60 million extension that should cover four arbitration years and three free agent seasons. That deal sounds very similar to the one Hanley Ramirez received from the Fish. As with most of these extensions, it sounds like a good move for the Cubs. Here is Al Yellon of Bleed Cubbie Blue with a quick reaction.

- On the "terrible signing" side of things, the Toronto Blue Jays extended backup catcher Jeff Mathis for two years and $3 million. Yes, the Jeff Mathis that terrorized Los Angeles Angels fans for years. Tom Dakers of Bluebird Banter did not sound enthused nor depressed. Matt Klaassen of Fangraphs was left wondering what we are all missing in the mystique of Mathis.

- James Gentile of Beyond the Box Score talked about positional black holes of the last few years. No, John Buck was not featured, that's Kevin Youkilis on the picture!

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