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Miami Marlins Place Carlos Lee On Waivers, Aim To Trade Him

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Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reports that the Miami Marlins have placed Carlos Lee on waivers in the obvious attempt to trade him for anything they can find.

If Lee passes through waivers, the Marlins can trade him to any team interested. But there is a wrench in the equation that may prevent a move: Lee's contract has a no-trade clause. He waived it for the Houston Astros in order to be traded to the Miami Marlins, but rumor has it that Lee refused to waive the no-trade clause to be moved to the New York Yankees, this according to's Jayson Stark.

The no-trade clause obviously can put a damper on anything the Marlins can receive in return for less than two months of Lee's services. To be honest, Lee is not worth much to begin with, so trying to trade him for anything is already difficult as it is.

The good news is that no team will claim him on waivers, if only because his contract is enormous even for the rest of the season (likely around $6 million remaining) and, if he rejects a trade, the Marlins cannot send additional funds to pay for his deal. So he is certain to pass waivers and be available to everyone, but there is no guarantee he will want to join any new team.

We'll keep an eye out on this, but hopefully for the Marlins, Lee accepts a trade to some location.