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Miami Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton Hits Longest Home Run in Three Years Against Rockies

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We all know the combination of Giancarlo Stanton and Coors Field should make Miami Marlins fans very happy. But in as disappointing a season as this one, whenever a crazy Stanton power feat occurs, Marlins fans are obliged and are quite willing to celebrate it with zeal.

Well, last night, another crazy Stanton power feat occurred.

While Jose Reyes's three-run homer was the most impactful homer of yesterday's game, garnering 0.334 WPA, Stanton's sixth-inning home run was the most powerful homer from last night. In fact, it was the longest homer hit in the last three years in terms of true distance according to ESPN Home Run Tracker (H/T Purple Row).

Stanton has already destroyed a scoreboard with a home run this season, and we've taken an entire tour of Marlins Park with his home runs, so really, at this stage we should not be surprised. But being impressed by Giancarlo Stanton and his awesome power is the one of the few remaining joys of the Marlins' 2012 season.

Stanton's homer measured at a true distance of 494 feet, the longest in three years. It was the longest this season by nine feet, beating out an early July homer by Cameron Maybin. The shot was to dead center field and it was far beyond that, reaching almost the back of the lower deck at Coors. The previous night, he had hit one to a similar location and it was maybe 10 to 15 rows in front of that one. It was a towering fly ball and an absolute no-doubter in terms of distance, as play-by-play commentator Rich Waltz had it gone the whole way.

Rich Waltz may have even contributed to that homer in true Michael Jong Institute of Jinxing (#MJIJ) fashion, as he mentioned after the previous pitch before the homer that Stanton was having difficulty picking up pitcher Josh Roenicke's short-armed delivery. Seconds later, Stanton launched the longest home run in three years and a majestic shot at that.

The ball was also extremely well-hit off the bat, as it had a speed off the bat of 116.3 mph. That ties it for the 12th hardest hit homer of the season. Of course, Stanton owns not only the hardest hit homer of the year (and of Home Run Tracker history, the aforementioned Scoreboard Breaker) but the second hardest one as well, this shot off of Cole Hamels at Marlins Park in late June.

Giancarlo Stanton has now hit five homers in five games in Coors Field. This is a four-game series. There are two games left. Yes, this is Giancarlo Stanton, and he's here to terrorize your baseballs.