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Weekly Ichthyomancy Update: August 5-11

Have you had a chance to play Ichthyomancy, the Fish Stripes prediction game for the Miami Marlins? If not, there is still a chance to jump in for the second half and join in on the fun! Check out the full rules of the game here and join us everyday as we predict the attendance, player of the game, and an extra Above and Beyond pick and pick up points. At the end of the year, we will be awarding prizes for second half and overall season winners! Start playing today!

The Miami Marlins have not had a great week, but they did win a series versus the New York Mets following a tough series versus the Washington Nationals. Let's take a look at how our players of Ichthyomancy have done this week with another set of games in the books. First, let's look at the overall season leaderboard.

Top Ten Leaderboard

FishStriper Points
Jigokusabre 96
Jeremy Hulme 90
SuperRadz 84
dgriot 61
oladipo_for_mayor 50
whambam 46
Marlon D 35
mblally 30
d.o.g.o.b.g.y.n. 24
Andrew Townes 17

There was not a lot of movement this week in the leaderboard, except for two of the players at the top. Jigokusabre began pulling out a larger lead with a successful week, while Jeremy Hulme used a six-point game to propel himself up to a clear second place. SuperRadz sits in third with 84 points, still struggling to break out of his second half slump.

Weekly Top Ten Leaderboard

FishStriper Points
Jeremy Hulme 8
Jigokusabre 7
Andrew Townes 5
dgriot 1
-- --
-- --
-- --
-- --
-- --

We only had three players gain any points this week, with a number of players missing their picks or gaining and losing based on the Double Ichthy Game. Jeremy Hulme took the biggest jump of the week on the back of a strong six-point game, en route to eight points and the Weekly Ichthyomancy Champioship.

Congratulations Jeremy Hulme, you are this week's Weekly Ichthyomancy Champion!

Second Half Leaderboard

FishStriper Points
Jigokusabre 33
Jeremy Hulme 29
whambam 26
Andrew Townes 17
Marlon D 15
SuperRadz 11
dgriot 9
mblally 7
kjt1027 6
Ncchief31 4

The movement again this week was at the top, with Jigokusabre and Jeremy Hulme continuing to fight for the top spot in our second half game. Reader whambam had pushed up to second place last week, but a no-show in the points this week leaves him up looking up at third. Andrew Townes regained some of the points he had lost over the last few weeks with some attendance selections, and he has regained fourth place.