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Fish Bites: Wednesday

July 30, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones (10) talks to Miami Marlins first baseman Carlos Lee (45) in the second inning at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE
July 30, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones (10) talks to Miami Marlins first baseman Carlos Lee (45) in the second inning at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Obviously, this season has not worked out for the Marlins. And there are a ton of reasons why. But one reason that goes under the radar is the team's minor league resources. No one has come up from Double A or Triple A and created excitement for the team or its fan base. Think just within the NL East. The division has examples of youngsters or minor league pick ups that have made serious impressions. Bryce Harper in Washington, Ben Sheets in Atlanta, and Matt Harvey in New York have done just that. At some point, the Marlins need a boost from a call up or minor league pick up. Think Cabrera, Willis, or Coghlan in the past. And while the team is currently building up the talent pool in the minors through trades, it proves once again that the best way to build a winner, is through the farm. Free agent pick ups are nice when you hit on them. Not when they show up and forget how to close games!

- At this point, I don't have much confidence in what Larry Beinfest says or does. While I am a believer that you can never blame just one person, clearly he has under performed. Especially with the moves made over the last few years. Nevertheless, we here at Fish Stripes are fair. And we appreciate your thirst for everything Marlins. So click here to read what the Marlins general manager had to say about Tuesday's moves (and moves not made).

- The Fish Pond wrote that the Marlins were urgently trying to trade John Buck before the trade deadline Tuesday afternoon. He joins Carlos Lee and Heath Bell as players that the Marlins would have liked to move, but could not get anything complete. Numerous reports after the fact say that Carlos Lee rejected a move to the New York Yankees (who might still get him after the deadline regardless). Nevertheless, the Fish did great this trade deadline. Regardless of who is still with the team.

- The Marlins were, believe it or not, seen as winners as the trade deadline passed. First things first, they held onto Josh Johnson. Regardless, of his decline, JJ remains one of the best starters in the national league. Second, they got a top 10 prospect in Zach Cox. This former Cardinal could end up being the solution at third base in the near future. Lastly, the Marlins traded away Gaby Sanchez for a pick around number 40 in next year's draft. The implication here is that the team was not going to keep Gaby anyway. So the fact that they got something for him is a bonus.

- Carlos Zambrano has been relegated to the bullpen. He was not getting it done as a starter. And even though Big Z says he is ok with it, you know he will be looking for an opportunity to be a starting pitcher again at some point. In the meantime, Wade LeBlanc, will take Zambrano's spot at starter. In fact, LeBlanc will start for the Fish Wednesday night opposed by Ben Sheets. Should be fun.

- The Pittsburgh Pirates swung a deal Tuesday afternoon with the Marlins to acquire former all-star, Gaby Sanchez. In exchange, the Fish get Venezuelan outfielder Gorkys Hernandez and a competitive balance draft pick. Hernandez will join the ball club in Atlanta Wednesday night. He will replace Edward Mujica on the active roster. Both Gaby and the Marlins can now move on. Even though Sanchez is from this area, and played for UM, clearly something has changed in his approach. He became too passive at the plate with the Marlins giving him plenty of opportunities to turn it around.

- In case you are reading it here for the first time, the Miami Marlins have traded Edward Mujica to the St. Louis Cardinals for third base prospect, Zach Cox. The deal seems to work for the Marlins if Cox ever pans out. He virtually replaces Matt Dominguez who was moved in the deal that brought Carlos Lee to the Marlins. By the way, Cox is still a top 100 prospect.

Around the League

- Right before the trade deadline, Hunter Pence was traded to the Giants for three players. Even though there was speculation this deal would happen for a few days now, there was never a guarantee Pence would be traded. He is still arbitration eligible. And Shane Victorino was more of a guarantee since he is an impending free agent. Still, Pence is now in the thick of a division tittle race with San Francisco.

- Staying in the NL West, Shane Victorino has landed with the LA Dodgers, the team that originally drafted him. He was traded for two players who have had their own issues. Neverthless, this Dodgers team is much better than a few weeks ago. In only giving up a few pieces, they have been able to add Hanley Ramirez, Brandon League, and now Victorino.

- The Cincinnati Reds have acquired reliever Jonathan Broxton from the Kansas City Royals for two prospects. On the surface, the Reds are adding a decent closer to pitch in the seventh or eighth inning (since Aroldis Chapman is the Reds closer). However, before anyone falters, Brox himself might implode. The Reds bullpen already lead the majors with a 2.66 ERA. So for the long term, the Royals made a good move here. And Broxton will have to pitch lights out to pitch every night.

At Fish Stripes

- Learn a little more this week about new Marlins starter, Nathan Eovaldi, and his new pitch, the cutter. Mr. Jong breaks it down as only he can. Click here.

- Please vote in our poll below. Basically, we ask you which one of the young starting pitching prospects are you most excited about? I think this is an easy choice.