Marlins should acquire Josh Beckett

As you may have heard, Josh Beckett has seemingly worn out his welcome in Boston, and as a result, they are shopping Josh Beckett. The Braves and Rangers are currently said to have interest in the two-time world Champions... but I think that the Miami Marlins should work out a deal for Beckett.

Miami fans would surely be welcoming to Beckett, since he was instrumental in the Marlins most recent World Series run. Beckett has (of course) had some great seasons in Boston... the upside should be obvious. He's signed through 2014, which falls in line with the other contracts the Marlins signed in the off-season, and the money has recently been freed up from the Hanley Ramirez trade.

So, what would the Marlins offer in return? How about Ricky Nolasco? Nolasco is signed for the 2013 season with a more favorable contract, and his 2009-2012 stats are surprisingly similar:

So... the benefit for the Sox is the contract savings and the return in production gained from Ricky Nolasco, Beckett gets a return to the NL and a fan base that loves him. The Marlins get a top of the rotation type starter with excellent upside (and the Braves don't). Imagine that Marlins with the three-headed monster of Johnson, Buehrle and Beckett (plus Jacob Turner and Nathan Eovaldi).