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Game 88: Washington Nationals @ Miami Marlins, Game Thread and Ichthyomancy

Well, the table above is not correct, but the Miami Marlins won this game and are moving on to try and win a second game in a row against the division-leading Washington Nationals. The Fish will send the recently successful Ricky Nolasco up against the savant Stephen Strasburg. If you thought the matchups were tough before, this one may be the toughest yet for the Fish.

I will be around for parts of this game as well, but not at the open of the game. You guys did a great job of keeping the thread busy during last night's game, so I expect you guys to keep it up early in the game before I (hopefully) get in. This game should be the most difficult challenge of the series.

Bold Prediction: Nationals def. Marlins 4-1