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All-Star Game Live Thread and Ichthyomancy

Tonight is the 2012 All-Star Game, with home field advantage on the line between the National and American Leagues. Since I got home late, I'll just repost the rules on the selections and how I want them formatted:

All-Star Game

- Pick the winner of the All-Star Game. The correct selection will be worth three (3) points.

- Pick the total number of runs in the All-Star Game. The closest selection gets two (2) points. Three (3) bonus points if you correctly guess the actual score.

- Pick the position player with the most hits (1 point) and the pitcher with the most strikeouts (1 point). In the event of ties (almost certain to happen), we will grant points for every player who tied for the lead.

- Pick the MVP. The correct selecion is worth two (2) points.

OK, so starting with the comment title, your post should look like this:

All-Star Game Winner
Score (Total Runs)
Position player (for hits), Pitcher (for K's)

OK, gang, that's simple enough, we already have one pick by Jeremy, let's get some more before tonight's game at 8 PM EST. I am planning on watching some of the game to start and seeing how it goes from there. Will anyone be joining me?