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Fish Cap: Cardinals 5, Marlins 2


Source: FanGraphs

Attendance: 25,444

Hero of the Game: Jose Reyes (.094 WPA)

Goat of the Game: Carlos Zambrano (-.296 WPA)

Play of the Game: Yadier Molina homered. Carlos Beltran scored. Allen Craig scored. All of this came in the first inning. (.160 WPA)

The Marlins continue to not hit. Continue to give up early runs. And manager Ozzie continues to get thrown out of the game (second night in a row). Basically, the Marlins are going to wait until July. Just kidding. But seriously, it was tough watching this game after the first inning. Kyle Lohse was dealing. And the only excitement was whether or not Carlos Zambrano would save the bullpen. It not east these days for our favorite little baseball team.

Cardinals Offense Gets It

Not only has St Louis scored the most runs in the NL, they get contributions throughout the lineup. They have speed, power, clutch and timely hitting. And above all, they come up to the plate looking for something. Early the game on Tuesday night, the Marlins would have got out of the first inning had it not been for an error by Zambrano. Instead of collecting himself, or the defense bailing him out, the Cardinals instead made the Fish pay. The big blow was a three run home run by catcher Yadier Molina. I miss big bombs from John Buck.

Stanton Homers Again

Giancarlo hit his 17th homer of the season in the first inning. I would think its a lock he will hit a career high in homers this season. Not only that, he is still hitting .274. Clearly, while Stanton may or may not be the best player for the Marlins this season, he is taking his game to another level. And that bode well for the near future. All of a sudden, trades involving his teammates are being rumored all the time. Let's hope that this young star just does his thing.