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Fish Bites: Center Field Woes

MIAMI, FL - JUNE 24: Scott Cousins #6 of the Miami Marlins hits a RBI single during an interleague game against the Toronto Blue Jays at Marlins Park on June 24, 2012 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images)
MIAMI, FL - JUNE 24: Scott Cousins #6 of the Miami Marlins hits a RBI single during an interleague game against the Toronto Blue Jays at Marlins Park on June 24, 2012 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images)
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Question: when Emilio Bonifacio went down with his injury, why did the Marlins not trade for help at center field then? Or why are they not making a move now (Ruggiano does not count as he is not an everyday player)? The ball club is not getting consistent contribution from other players and positions all over the field (catcher, first base, etc.). But if you think about it, the Marlins have not gotten anything from center field for a few years now. Check out all of the names that have played the position the last few years: Ruggiano, Coghlan, Bonifacio, Petersen, Cameron, Wise, Cousins, Ross, Maybin, and Carroll. I realize the Fish are rumored to be after Bourjos, Span, and Lee. But these guys will cost you more. And Bonifacio, when healthy, can play anywhere. He does not have to only play center (he is a natural infielder).

- Bonifacio had a great season last year, and got off to a great start this year. However, now that he is out, the team's depth has been exposed. After all, there were no guarantees going into 2012 Bonifacio would repeat what he did in 2011. In other words, while the Marlins did make moves this past off season, we now see where additional moves could have helped tremendously.

Let me leave you with a few examples. The Marlins, I believe, would not have to give up much for Juan Pierre, Coco Crisp, or Reed Johnson. They could have even explored Franklin Gutierrez coming off of injury (maybe for Hanley in a package deal?). Nevertheless, this part of my article is not about naming potential players that could be a Miami Marlin. Its about asking out loud why the team did not do more to help a position in need? A position that has not seen stability in years.

- Omar Infante is not happy with the way he has played in the field this season. A complete contrast to how he has swung the bat. On Monday night, Infante committed his eighth error of the season. That is the same amount he had all of last season. I think we should give him a pass though. He is an excellent player with a great attitude. Hopefully he plays better defense the second half.

- Marlins relievers with ties to the San Diego Padres, are saddened by the loss of former bullpen coach, Darrel Akerfelds. Pancreatic cancer was the culprit. And a real shame too. Akerfelds was relatively a young guy (50). Akerfelds worked with Heath Bell, Edward Mujica, and Ryan Webb, among others.

- I feel like ever year, a different person around the Marlins organization talks about trading Hanley Ramirez. Not too long ago it was Jeff Conine. This time its Gary Sheffield. One week after I wrote on Fish Bites how Hanley may never return to his old form when he won the batting title a few years back, Sheffield hit a local radio show Monday and said the team should move him. Plus, he says Hanley is not a .250 hitter. And wonders if the switch to third base is the reason Ramirez has not excelled. Regardless of how its plays out, the Marlins go as Hanley goes. And right now, that is not very far.

- Random photos of random fans at Marlins Park is back this week. Click here and you will see Dick Vitale, William Levy, and Radamel Falcao, all at Marlins Park to catch a game over the last ten days.

- Emilio Bonifacio has been cleared to hit and play catch. This is great news although his time line has not changed. Team doctors checked in with him and the progress he has made up to this point before coming to this decision. Hurry Boni, we need you ASAP.

- The ninth inning collapse for the Marlins on Monday night was the worst in team history. Both in Florida and Miami Marlins history. Before the Monday fiasco, the greatest blown lead was three runs, which happened seven times. I guess its true what they say. When it rain, it pours.

Around the League

- The Phillies got some good news on Tuesday. Ryan Howard is close to beginning a rehab assignment. He might actually start it on June 28. Presently, the Phils are tied for last place in the NL East.

- Don't count on seeing Matt Kemp anytime soon. He is out until after the all-star game. And that of course means he will miss the Fall Classic. You know where you might see him however? In the home run derby. Of which he is the captain for National League.

- Colby Lewis was placed on the disabled list with a sore forearm. The Rangers are fine nevertheless. They just got Roy Oswalt pitching for them, and he won his first start!

At Fish Stripes

- The Marlins will be buyers at the trade deadline this year. The only problem with that? To be a buyer, you need to give up something in return. And at this time, the Marlins do not have much. Unless they give up an everyday starter.

- Please vote on our poll this week (located below). How would you rate your current manager (1-5)? I would give him a two. The team has had no major injuries up to this point.