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#FishStripes: LoMo Unplugged

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Logan Morrison, the outspoken Marlins' left fielder, hasn't had much to say at the plate or field this year, but that doesn't stop from him being so open.

People like to talk when they think no one is listening to them. Unfortunately, for Logan Morrison, his actions and words — which are mostly comical — are being put in the limelight almost every time he tweets or says something.

We like to feature our Tweet of the Week of a player, which usually includes Morrison. Yes, he'll get that honor this week, but FS Florida gave Morrison a microphone to talk about whatever he wanted to during Wednesday night's game against the Red Sox: click here.

Our Play of the Week, which does not include Morrison, does include Jose Reyes making a nice play Monday night against Boston:

Now here's our Tweet of the Week, featuring @LoMoMarlins:

While Reyes and company was trying to knock off a pair of AL East teams this week, his friend Lil' Jose was hanging out in the Clevelander:

Off the field, Marlins Ayudan is a community-based team that revolves around making South Beach a better place for its residents and visitors. This week, they went down to the beach for a little clean-up. Here are a couple of tweets from the official Marlins twitter page:

And a second one — including Billy the Marlin:

Good work, Ayudan team! For the team on the field, they travel to Fenway Park to face the Red Sox, then come back home to face Canada's lone team, the Blue Jays.