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Fish Cap: Rays 11, Marlins 0

Source: FanGraphs

Attendance: 18,369

Hero Of The Game: HAHAHA. Yeah right. OK, the Fish fans who stuck around to watch this train wreck.

Goat Of The Game: C Zambrano (-.274)

Play Of The Game: Jose Lobaton doubled to right. Ben Zobrist scored. Carlos Pena advanced to 3B.

This game was about as fun to watch as having all your teeth pulled without novocaine. Let's recap the Marlins offensive production tonight:

Top 1st: Donovan Solano single into center.

And that's a rap for the offense.

Carlos Zambrano lasted only two innings, walking six batters and giving up four earned runs. He would be relieved by Chad Gaudin who went 4 2/3 walking three and giving up four earned runs himself. Sandy Rosario then got a chance to come in. He went one inning, giving up four hits and three earned runs before leaving the game with what appeared to be an ankle injury. Ryan Webb threw one pitch to finish the carousel of pitchers.

The Rays had ten hits and drew nine walks from Miami pitching. Carlos Pena finished the game 0-1 with four runs because he was walked four times and scored every time.

Right now the Marlins are averaging under two runs a game. The pitching has been terrible. The team is not playing to its potential. Ozzie needs to get this team to come alive because nothing smells worse than dead fish.

The good news is we have seen this team play better and we know they have the ability to win consistently. If they can pull out of this slump, there is no reason to count them out just yet. We haven't even reached the All-Star break. Don't lose faith in the Fish. They are better than this.