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Fish Bites: Wednesday

June 12, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Guess who's back in town? Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE
June 12, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Guess who's back in town? Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Marlins are a funny team. After losing six in a row to open up a home stand, the ball club decides to open up the roof before their Monday night game against the Red Sox, and the team wins the game 4-1. Not only is it silly to believe it was the roof that helped the Marlins to win, its just as silly that the actual opening of the roof got so much attention in the media. I understand its important for the Marlins to stay out of trouble and not get wrapped up in negative press, but it must be a slow news day when we read about the roof opening after a Marlins victory.

- Did you know that Mark Buehrle is the all-time leader with 24 interleague wins? And that before Tuesday night's game against the Red Sox, he was 10-0 with a 1.93 ERA over his last 15 interleague starts. That is simply amazing.

- Amazing as it may seem, Giancarlo Stanton has yet to crack the top 15 outfielders in all-star voting. Are fans just not being smart when they fill out the ballots? Stanton has got to be hurting with the Marlins lack of national coverage on the major networks. Oh well.

- Manager Ozzie Guillen said recently that Donovan Solano and Justin Ruggiano have made a case for more playing time in the near future. After all, with the ball club again struggling to hit for average, it would be wise to try a few different options. Read Fish Bytes here.

- Joe Frisaro says this week that Emilio Bonifacio may not be back until after the all-star break. That's actually a bit of good news that he is only out until then. Read his article here.

- Baseball Prospectus says that Josh Johnson is back after his latest start on Monday. I can tell you one thing, he was not shy about pitching inside on batters. Read more here.

- Since Boston is in town, it is good to go back and look at the Hanley-Beckett trade of November 2005. It was not only a fair trade, it is still reaping benefits even today. I have to say that as a Marlins fan, this was one of Larry Beinfest's better deals.

Around the League

- Vladimir Guerrero was released by the Blue Jays on Tuesday. He did say he is not retiring, and instead is looking forward to singing with another team. In fact, his agent says he can play in the majors right away. Read more here.

- Brian Roberts returned to the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday night. He was away from the team for thirteen months while he recovered from a concussion. Maybe this is the year for the Birds?

- The Rangers' Alexi Ogando was put on the DL on Tuesday. He has a groin injury. The Rangers are now without Derek Holland, Neftali Feliz, and now Ogando. Read more here.

At Fish Stripes

- Want to know why Josh Johnson has been pitching better as of late? Mr. Jong will tell you if you click here.

- Will Chris Coghlan ever get it? Will he ever be a starting contributor for the Marlins? I'm not sure he will. However, read some here about his recent play.