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#FishStripes: Stars Visit Marlins

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Some like to call the city of Miami "L.A. South" for all the celebrities who work, play and visit South Beach. It was sooner or later before fans would see some well-recognized people at Marlins Park.

Before we show you who showed up to see the Marlins go 0-6 on the week at home, here's our Play of the Week, via Giancarlo Stanton on Sunday as he robbed Ben Zobrist of a hit.

Now here's your social media fix:

Our Player Tweet of the Week comes from the first-round pick from the Marlins from the MLB Draft, Andrew Heaney. Make sure you welcome him warmly into the organization.

Oh, and his birthday was also this week.

Our @Marlins Tweet of the Week comes from the weekend when the Marlins Wives posed for a team picture before they faced the wives of Tampa's players:

Then, there's our new friend Lil' Jose. He's all around Marlins Park, and because of it, he got to meet a former American Idol judge.

Abdul went on to talk with FS Florida Wednesday night to give Stanton high praise:

Lil Jon also visited the Park on Tuesday, but was not able to be caught by the Fox Sports crew. Instead, Marlins Cut4 caught this shot.

One more celebrity graced his presence at the Park this week, and it's one of the most prestigious sports figures in Miami sports, Mr. Don Shula.

The Marlins hope to find themselves on the winning side of things this week as the Red Sox come to town and then on the road up north to get even with the Rays.