Fish Stripes Pick 6 Leaderboard and Discussion Thread, 05/08/12

Since SB Nation rolled out the Pick 6 game, a number of Fish Stripers have had fun making their daily picks and looking good doing so. But as of right now, we have had no way to brag about our awesome picks or tease our fellow Fish Stripers about their awful selections. So I figured an excellent way to that would be to provide consistent updates on the status of the Pick 6 board. Thus, today we debut our brand new daily Leaderboard and Discussion Thread here at Fish Stripes! Here, you will see each previous day's leaderboard along with the overall top five, and some commentary on my end as well. You can also drop your own picks for today's games and gloat about how awesome you will do.

First, let's take a look at yesterday's best.

Rank Player Points
1 Kevin Nogle 68.2
2 Miami Marlins 2012 58.1
3 JLR04 54.9
4 cpmustangs13 49.8
5 bronzeagle 49.3
6 marlinsfan315 44.8
7 mblally 35.2
8 SuperRadz 31.6
9 Michael Jong 31.1
10 FishNFinz 25.3

The best of yesterday's Pick 6 is SB Nation's own Kevin Nogle, who runs SB Nation's Miami Dolphins blog The Phinsider. A number of other well-recognized names amid the Fish Stripes community litter yesterday's top 10, but the frontrunner was clearly Kevin, followed a little ways away by Miami Marlins 2012 and JLR04. Other notables in the top 10 are marlisnfan315 and SuperRadz, who are neck-a-neck currently at the top of the Ichthyomancy leaderboards.

As for the overall leaderboard, let's look at the top five.

Rank Player Points
1 cpmustang13 238.2
2 Miami Marlins 2012 234.5
3 bronzeagle 217.8
4 mice day 214.3
5 JLR04 197.1

There are definitely familiar names on top, with cpmustang13 holding a slim lead over Miami Marlins 2012. I see mice day and JLR04 on the leaderboards, but I have yet to see much of them on Ichthyomancy game, so I encourage everyone who is playing Pick 6 to also get on board Ichthyomancy. If you're a Marlins fan, it is a must-have daily ritual!

If you want to get involved and get in on Pick 6, it is really simple! Just click "Play Now" on the Pick 6 widget at the top of the left sidebar and log in using your SB Nation account. You will taken right to where you need to go to make your picks. You have a budget of $120 and have to pick six players: a starting pitcher, reliever, catcher, corner infielder, middle infielder, and outfielder. From there, you let your picks play and accumulate points for you, and tomorrow you can start over with a new set of six! It's the simplest daily pick'em game around, and it is a great way to get into fantasy baseball without too much time investment. Plus, the winner at Fish Stripes will get a lovely shirt-related prize from the Fish Stripes T-shirt store (don't worry, we'll get that online once again when I have some more free time)!

What do you have to lose? About three minutes of your time everyday for a chance to brag to all the other Fish Stripers about your excellent picks! If you have not started playing, get on it today! And when you do make your picks, be sure to drop them on here and discuss them!