Fish Stripes Pick 6 Leaderboard and Discussion Thread, 05/16/12

Sorry for not checking in yesterday, gang, but we were flooded with good stuff to talk about yesterday. Today, let's recap what happened on the latest edition of SB Nation's Pick 6 game on Fish Stripes!

Rank Player Points
1 mice day 61.7
2 Kevin Nogle 44.6
3 SuperRadz 41.5
4 d.o.g.o.b.g.y.n. 39.5
5 FishNFinz 36.1
6 EricW 35.4
7 Brian Mati 34.2
8 mblally 28.8
9 JLR04 26.7
10 bronzeagle 23.9

Use mice day gets back into the swing of things with the leading day yesterday, while clubhouse leader Kevin Nogle and others followed with strong performances. I was nowhere to be found because I was so darn busy, as mentioned. At this pace, I'll never get back into this game!

Here's the top five of the full leaderboard.

Rank Player Points
1 Kevin Nogle 473.8
2 mice day 449.6
3 mblally 436.8
4 bronzeagle 429.5
5 Miami Marlins 2012 427.3

Our leaderbaord looks pretty similar to the usual, with a number of players who have been there for much of the season. My question is whether we are ever going to hear from mice day; I don't think I've seen you on the game threads or playing Ichthyomancy, what gives? Get involved with your favorite Marlins blog other than beating me up in this game!

Go ahead and leave your picks for today's games and discuss the game here! We're getting a solid 15 players every game, but we can definitely do better. Bring it guys!