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#FishStripes: Most Interesting Man in Baseball

The boys of Miami weren't messing around this week. Whether it was sending long balls into the Crawfish Boxes in Houston or making everyone happy on Mother's Day with a walk-off grand slam, all is good along the beach.

It wasn't a winning streak that team strung together, but 4-2 against the Astros and Mets is good stuff. The week in social media was very much hyped, including our Tweet of the Week which includes more lashing out at Washington standout rookie Bryce Harper:

That was from Christian Yelich, one of the team's top prospects down in the Minors. The left fielder is hitting .275 BA with nine RBI for the Jupiter Hammerheads, Miami's Class A-Advanced affiliate.

Even though the Marlins' Major League left fielder didn't blow us away with a tweet, Logan Morrison is putting on a contest for his followers.

His inspiration for this one is from teammate Greg Dobbs to make the Twitter world know that he is the most interesting man in baseball. He does have one stipulation:

And to show you what he likes, here's one tweet that has won a prize of a LoMo shirt already:

I guess spelling correctly is not a requirement in this contest. Remember, use the hashtag #mostinterestingmaninbaseball.

We at FishStripes even got some on-air mentions during #TwitterTuesday, and these are the two questions that got answered on the air:

Here's number one:

Their answer was simple. It was good, but they did admit how much they missed the good food Miami has to offer. Here's an example of one good eatery in Houston from @FSMarlins:

The second question that the crew answered has to do with whether if one certain group of baseball people had Twitter:

Well, (and this is probably more a precaution more than anything for them), we could not find any individual related umpires on Twitter, but we did find a good aggregate of Marlins players.

Miami is in town for two more home games Monday and Tuesday against the Pirates before hitting the road to Atlanta and Cleveland.

Oh, and for your enjoyment, here's Stanton's walk-off grand slam from Mother's Day: