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How would you rate Stanton's glove?


We all know Giancarlo Stanton is famous for his powerful bat and strong arm, but some debate has arose about his defensive ability. Stanton has committed three errors so far this season and Thursday had another ball bounce off his glove. That ball was ruled a triple even though Stanton should have caught it and the runner would score on a sac-fly. The Fish would go on to lose that game by one run.

In my opinion, Stanton is a great athlete that can get decent jumps, has above-average speed, and has a great arm. These qualities give him a higher UZR than Morrison, who should be playing first base, and Bonifacio, who has a weak arm. Stanton is ranked 13th of MLB right fielders in UZR. This week I ask readers, not based on bat, arm, or insticts...How would you rate Stanton's glove?

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