The biggest slap in the face yet?

Everyone that's been on here awhile knows by now that I'm awfully opinionated and should probably bite my tongue a little more... however, this time, it seems David Samson's the one that should be getting that advice.

Samson doesn't have to care if we don't like the new logo or colors. The hats were the #1 selling cap at lids this season so financially, I guess they're winning whether or not fans like. People apparently will still buy something (and admittedly, I own an orange one now, because having something absurd is always kind of fun).

We know Samson doesn't care about fans relationship with the players, seeing as how he often gives them away for nothing... sometimes even less than nothing when they're fan favorites.

We also know Samson himself doesn't care about players, seeing as how he's publicly ripped several apart and repeatedly has run ins with the player association itself.

Personally, he has gone to far this time, and I think it's about time the league do something about it. Samson not only went out to call the fans dumb, he called the entire city of Miami dumb, as well as its political leaders, journalists, and sports enthusiasts. He apparently detailed how the stadium deal completely swindled the city and taxpayers and mocked people that both supported and fought against it.

I wonder how this makes all the folk at 245 Park (MLB Headquarters) feel about the state of the Marlins and sticking their necks out on the line to keep the team here? How can Bud Selig read these comments and not do something about it? Hell, how can Jeffrey Loria continue to employ his son if he's going to keep disgracing the team and the league?

Samson is the biggest joke in all of sports.