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Fish Bites: Wednesday

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Thank you Albert and Prince for taking your talents to the American League. The National League will not miss seeing you in the batters box. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE
Thank you Albert and Prince for taking your talents to the American League. The National League will not miss seeing you in the batters box. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Fans we are just one week away. One week from one of the greatest moments in the history of Miami sports. The opening of a new stadium, and a new team for that matter. The Marlins left Sun Life Stadium and decided not to bring much with it. Instead a new season brings a new organization, primed to win right away. Think expansion, but better. Let's have some fun revisiting the last time we were in this spot.

- Now I know Joe Robbie Stadium was not new when the Marlins played their first ever game in 1993, but we will have a night of firsts regardless. And that the new stadium was built for baseball, makes it even more special. First professional sports game ever at Marlins Park, check. First regular season sell out, check. First regular season game ever televised from Marlins Park, you get my point. However, there are more rudimentary firsts that will be recorded. Let me give you the list as recorded on that day in 1993. And then have fun guessing or predicting who we will write in as firsts next Wednesday night.

First Game: April 5, 1993, vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

First Hit: Bret Barberie

First Double: Eric Davis

First Triple: Walt Weiss

First HR: Tim Wallach

First Run: Benito Santiago

First Run: Weiss

- Heath Bell picked up his first save of the spring on Tuesday. Get ready to see a lot of saves this season from Bell. And he was tough as nails on the Nationals. He struck out the first two batters looking. And then he induced a ground ball to get the final out. Love to see a closer that does not rely only on the fast ball. Bell's change up is filthy. And he is not afraid to throw it.

- Revisit a moment in Florida Marlins history on this day ten years ago. Marlins Daily goes over the Dontrelle Wills acquisition. Hard to disagree with a person that says this was the best trade in Marlins history. There are a few great trades, but in the following season, Willis was helping the club to win its second ever World Series trophy.

- Personally I don't think it matters much unless it would have happened, but ESPN reports the Marlins have recently inquired about Nolan Reimold. The report also says Reimold is staying in Baltimore. I guess this means Chris Coghlan did not do enough in the spring to secure a back up / part time starting outfielder spot.

- Speaking about the former rookie of the year, Coghlan tells the Miami Herald that he has faith he will make the ball club. In fact, he is not fazed by the pressure. "That stuff is inevitable," says Cogs. I know the guy can play because we saw him have a heck of a season in 2009. But isn't it about time he start figuring things out? He reminds me of Cameron Maybin. Only I hope this time we get something out of Chris before he is traded away.

Around the League

- Quick update on opening day starters. I'm sure you've heard by now that Josh Johnson will start against Kyle Lohse next Wednesday night. Chris Carpenter is out due to injury. The Royals have elected Bruce Chen as their opening day starter. Josh Danks and Stephen Strasburg will do the same for their respective teams (White Sox, Nationals). Finally, earlier this morning in Japan, Felix Hernandez of the Mariners started opposite Brandon McCarthy of the Athletics.

- Casey Blake was cut by the Rockies. Fully expect this guy to be picked up by next week. He can play defense at the hot corner.

At Fish Stripes

- This week we ask if you have ever caught a foul ball. Be honest!

- Lastly, please be sure to read Mr. Jong's fantasy previews. Recently he gave valuable information regarding Marlins pitchers.