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Miami Marlins Season Preview: The Home Run Structure Come Alive

Many of us may have feared the day that this would come. We have seen GIF estimations of what it would look like. We sat with dread in the new Marlins Park as the structural pieces of the figure were slowly assembled ominously. But finally, with the season almost one week away, the home run structure was bound to rear its ugly, colorful head to us live. One day, we would see the monstrosity come alive in bright and vivid colors and motions.

Tonight, my friends, is that day / night.

Honestly, it is about as bad as we expected it to be, which is actually worse than what we had happen with other changes to the Marlins this offseason, such as the uniforms and caps. Of course, it is gregarious and quite difficult to watch, and I doubt the addition of music celebrating a home run is going to make it any better. The addition of actual home runs may help it a little bit, as I will begin to associate it with positive results. But I have to admit, at first blush, it is...tacky, to say the least.

What do you Fish Stripers think? Still the monstrosity you thought it would be, or is better than expected?