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Wild Pitch! 03/24/12

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First Justin Bieber, now this....
First Justin Bieber, now this....
  • Submit your own funny caption to this weeks photo in the comment section below, just keep it PG-13 and under.
  • Feel free to rec the comments you want nominated (click "actions" then "rec").
  • A tally of wins is posted on the right side of the main page.
  • Authors are not eligible
  • At the end of the season, the person with the most wins will receive the Official Fish Stripes "Caption of the Ship Award!"

This weeks photo includes Lomo and Petey.

The 03/10/12 winner is...d.o.g.o.b.g.y.n. (My relevance escaped and went in that direction).

You will receive 1 point. Congratulations!

Last weeks nominees are finzrule, Rochestie4ever, d.o.g.o.b.g.y.n., and lockwood11j.
Last weeks photo included Billy and The Mermaids.