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Fish Stripes: Here's To a Healthy Season

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When you talk injuries and the Marlins, automatically you think about JJ. Hopefully we can abandon these talks in 2012. The team could use a dose of great health. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE
When you talk injuries and the Marlins, automatically you think about JJ. Hopefully we can abandon these talks in 2012. The team could use a dose of great health. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

I realize injuries happen to every team over the course of a season. And no team should ever use it as an excuse (unless you lose your entire starting pitching). However, with so much momentum riding on this season for the Marlins, injuries could unfortunately derail the party quick. The team isn't that slim at every position as they were last season. And the depth this Marlins team has now is among the best in baseball (take in account the minors, bench players who can step up, and a loaded bullpen). Nevertheless its worth nothing that many of the players on the club have been injury prone, and that for this to go anywhere, they need to not be that going forward.

- Now I won't give you the number of games guys have missed, or the statistics regarding how many games were lost to injury the last few seasons. But the reality is that the Marlins themselves need to understand that they need to keep guys on the field. Think Josh Johnson, Hanley Ramirez and Jose Reyes here. Three guys that are vital to success of any ball club, let alone a teal that views these three players as its main drivers. Think Logan Morrison, Giancarlo Stanton and Anibal Sanchez. Another trio of players that have had to come back from nagging injuries. And finally guys like Randy Choate, Ricky Nolasco and Chris Coghlan. Another trio of guys that have missed time. Regardless of the injury or the situation, this team will need all of its components to stay as healthy as possible. Hopefully a large part of this will have to do with the new stadium. Any a whole lot of support from Marlins fans.

- Amazing how much Matt Dominguez has fallen. Once considered one of the best prospects in all of baseball, he now sits arguably forth on his own team behind Yelich, Fernandez and James. Dave Gershman details the top 15 Marlins' prospects. Can't wait to see Yelich up with the big club.

- A terrific story about how Greg Dobbs went above and beyond to spend extra time with kids at a recent batting clinic. The article includes parents' comments about how Dobbs actually adapted to each child when it was their turn to come to bat. Nice to see that Dobbs did that. Plus its nice to see this even still exists in sports. How many times do you go to an autograph session and the main guest leaves a few minutes after the scheduled time? Well in Dobbs case, he stayed about three hours after the event was supposed to end. Including never taking a bathroom break or rest.

- In case you have been living under a rock the last four months, the Marlins have had a busy off season. Easily the busiest in their history. See a great recap of all of their moves (including trades), by clicking here.

- Apparently Austin Kearns is the leader in the clubhouse for the Marlins' forth outfielder job. He is having a decent spring hitting wise. And even though the club is intrigued about giving Chris Coghlan another opportunity now that he is completely healthy, we know that every so often Kearns can hit home run bombs when he connects.

- Joe Capozzi saw Josh Johnson pitch into the fifth inning in his most recent start. He also saw his fastball hit 96mph on the radar gun. Most importantly, Josh and the team feel good about the progress he is making coming off of a injury plagued 2011. He should be ready for opening day after his next start. And that is as great news as any to start the new season.

Around the League

- The Astros traded two players to the Royals on Tuesday. Humberto Quintero is the main piece of this trade. Although he cannot hit, the following writes about how good he is defensively.

- Andy Pettitte is back with the Yankees in case you missed it. This should be an upgrade for them. For one, he is a lefty. For another, the Yankees went from having no depth along their starting rotation, to now almost having one too many starting pitchers. A great problem to have because you can never have enough over the course of a long season.

- Grant Balfour won the closer job for the Athletics to start the season. Any way he saves 30 or more games? And good luck pitching to Albert Pujols in the ninth inning. Should be fun.

At Fish Stripes

- I encourage you to go on Fish Stripes and read all of the Miami Marlinsseason previews. It does not only detail specific players. It details different situations as well (how the new ballpark will play, Hanley's attitude, etc). Here is the link on Marlins injuries and how they might impact the team if they linger.

- And please don't forget to vote on a reasonable price for a hamburger at a Marlins game below on our poll. Amazing how this continues to skyrocket across all sports venues.