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Miami Marlins Season Preview: Giancarlo Stanton Suffers Bruised Wrist

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Earlier today, we discussed Giancarlo Stanton's prospects for 2012, and boy, were they good. But yesterday, things were not looking as bright because of an injury he suffered during the Marlins' 4-2 victory over the New York Mets. Here's the news on

"I thought it was broken the first time I saw it," Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen said. "The sound sounded like something broke. You just hold your breath and hope nothing is wrong. Hopefully he is fine. He was supposed to make the trip tomorrow. He's not playing."

The injury occurred in the third inning of the Marlins' 4-2 win over the Mets, in a game called after five innings due to rain.

In wet and windy conditions at Digital Domain Park, Stanton stepped in with the bases loaded. The Mets had just replaced left-handed starter Johan Santana with right-hander Chris Schwinden.

Schwinden's pitch ran up and in on Stanton, who absorbed the pitch on his wrist.

Immediately, his wrist and hand locked, and Stanton didn't try to move it as he walked toward first.

"It's not too bad right now, I'd say," said Stanton, who had his wrist taped in orange-colored wrapping. "Initially, it seemed like my hand locked up. We'll see tomorrow."

It is not surprising to feel numbness after getting hit like that, since he likely got hit around where the ulnar nerve runs into the hand. He mentioned that his hand "locked up," and again that does not sound surprising; if the hit irritated his ulnar nerve, much of the movement of the fingers (not the thumb, as much of that is controlled by the median nerve, which is towards the center of the arm) is controlled by the ulnar nerve. However, if nothing is broken, all of that temporary irritation will go away and he should be all right to play very soon, and the Marlins made sure nothing was hurt by taking X-rays after the game. Here is Corey Dawkins of Baseball Prospectus with the results:

They were negative, but the Marlins are obviously going to play it safe with their young star. He should be out for only a few days while he waits for the pain and swelling to subside.

So not much in the way of news there. It turns out everything was all right, nothing was broken, and it will not take long for Stanton to return to the Fish in full form. And as we pointed out earlier today, that may be of the utmost importance, as he is the team's best position player by a somewhat healthy margin. In 2012, the Marlins will need a healthy Giancarlo Stanton working the cleanup spot for much of the year if they expect to compete for a Wild Card berth or more.