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Fish Stripes Marlins Season Preview: Introduction

It is safe to say that this may be the most exciting season in Marlins history (I almost said "Miami Marlins" history, but of course, it is that team's first season). With Spring Training just around the corner for the Fish (pitchers and catchers report on February 22!), the season is almost upon us, and it is more prevalent then ever to preview what is in store for the Miami Marlins in their inaugural season at the new ballpark.

This is why Fish Stripes has stepped in to provide you the ultimate in season previews with the Fish Stripes Marlins Season Preview! Starting this week, we will delve into the various aspects of your 2012 Miami Marlins from an analytic and objective standpoint as well as a fan's perspective. We are going to look into every angle of the Miami Marlins and try to figure out what we have in the team this upcoming season. Here are just some of the things that we will cover in the Marlins Season Preview:

- An "important numbers" piece for both pitchers and position players to whet your appetite for the season
- In-depth analysis and projections for every starting player for the Marlins, along with a projected final tally for wins
- A guide to the new Marlins Park, as best we know it
- A conglomerate prospects preview that averages out the top lists from each of the major prospect sources, including our own expert Eric Weston
- Thoughts and opinions on Ozzie Guillen, Jeffrey Loria, and any other pertinent figures that come up in the news
- Thoughts and opinions from each of our contributing writers on what they think is coming up in 2012
- And finally, a preview of what is to come for the 2012 season here at Fish Stripes

And that preview begins now. Here, I'm going to introduce some of the things you will expect to see every day at Fish Stripes during the season. The crew at Fish Stripes is hard at work to provide the best Marlins coverage on the planet, and that includes in this exciting 2012 campaign. Here's what you should get in 2012 from Fish Stripes:

- You will still get all the analysis that we provided in the offseason, including a variety of projects that I will attempt to bring to the table
- Before every game, Fish Stripes will have the official Game Thread, where you can post comments before and during the game and hang out among other Fish Stripers enjoying Marlins baseball
- The Game Thread is also the location of the Ichthyomancy entries! That's right, Ichthyomancy is back, and while the format will change slightly, the core of the game remains the same. I'll have a full post on details later, but I'm sure you Fish Stripers are going to have a lot of fun with it
- For those of you interested in prospects, look no further than Fish Stripes. Every week, Eric Weston will check in with us and go over the week's happenings in the Marlins' minor league systems
- We will also be checking in on the social media and Internet happenings of the team, as someone new will take over the #FishStripes column in time for the 2012 season open
- Finally, we will still be your source of Marlins links via our Fish Bites column

So those are some of the things you should see in 2012 from Fish Stripes, and more details are on the way with that. But in the weeks to come, the more important thing perhaps is going to be the Fish Stripes Marlins Season Preview! How will your Miami Marlins fare in 2012? We've got the answers, so stay tuned!