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Fish Bites: Happy Giancarlo Stanton Is Still A Miami Marlin

As Marlins fans, we should be happy that Giancarlo Stanton is still with the team. While he may be the only reason to go to a game in 2013, he remains one of the best players in baseball. Plus links on Peter Bourjos, Jose Fernandez, and Stanton.

Marc Serota

- Dave George thinks the Marlins will hang on to Giancarlo Stanton at least throughtout the beginning of Spring Training. His reasons are not bad. First, Stanton is cheap. Second, the Marlins need him to have any hopes of bringing fans to the seats. It makes too much sense. Read more here.

- Jose Fernandez has been rated the top Marlins propect. This is coming from Baseball America. I wonder if the Marlins are going to get any top rated prospects when they trade Ricky Nolasco?

- The Miami Marlins are rumored to be interested in trading for Peter Bourjos. He is an outfielder for the Los Angeles Angeles. However, it could get real interesting if the Marlins dangle Ricky Nolasco in exhange for Mark Trumbo. Stand by.

Around The League

- The Cleveland Indians have signed Mark Reynolds to a one year deal. In case your interested, read more here.

- The Houston Astros have signed Carlos Pena to a one year deal. The team will begin play in the AL West in 2013. Read more here.

- Santiago Casilla and the San Francisco Giants have agreed on a extension. The reliever will get paid $15 million over three years. Read more here. At Fish Stripes

- The Miami Marlins once again failed to get back a great return in their latest deal with the Toronto Blue Jays. In fact, the New York Mets got back a lot more in their trade with the Blue Jays. Read more here.

- Apparently the Marlins are not real interested in trading for Los Angeles Angels' Peter Bourjos. Instead, the Fish are looking for a better hitting outfielder. Read more here.

- Our fearless leader reviews the recent trade between the Blue Jays and the Mets. Obviously, the Mets quite a return for the 2012 Cy Young award winner. But for the Jays, it is all about winning big in 2013.