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Fish Bites: A Challenge for Miami Marlins Manager Mike Redmond

If Mike Redmond wanted it easy, he could have signed with any other team. But in becoming the new manager for the Miami Marlins, he essentially has little to work with on the field, with a dwindling fan base off the field.


- The Miami Marlins have passed on giving Adam Greenberg a spring training spot. The team does not have any interest. Hopefully another team steps in and at least agrees to meet with him. Read more here.

- Mike Redmond envisions a line up with Giancarlo Stanton batting clean up, and Logan Morrison batting behind him in the fifth spot. Jeff Keppinger was an option to bat in the middle of the line up, but he signed with the White Sox. Read more here.

- Read more this week about a terrible car accident new Marlins reliever Scott Maine was involved in 2005. He does not remember much about it. Looking forward to a great season from this left hander. Read more here.

- Early on, new Marlins manager Mike Redmond is focusing on the offense. And he is excited to work with a clean slate. Hopefully, he can get big offense out of a few bats.

Around the League

- The Yankees and Kevin Youkilis have agreed to a one-year deal. The Marlins could have used him. Read more here.

- R.A. Dickey is frustrated a new deal has not yet been worked out with the Mets. He says he feels a connection with the team. I doubt he stays though as the Mets are probably reluctant to give big money to a pitcher. Read more here. At Fish Stripes

- Why weren't the 2012 Miami Marlins given more time? I think we a little more time, we might have seen a winning product. Read more here.

- Maybe Chris Coghlan should play third-base for the Marlins in 2013? Do you agree? Read more here.