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Fish Bites: The Marlins' New Way Of Doing Business

The Miami Marlins' new philosophy in the 2012 offseason has led to the mass exodus of players from the team, but it has also restocked a depleted farm system. Plus links on Carlos Ruiz, Ryan Madson, Tom Koehler, and more.

Mike Ehrmann

- Tom Koehler, picher for the Marlins, is having a hard time running a charity. In fact, he wonders if the Marlins recent moves have led to the fans not wanting to do anything with the team. Including charities.

- The Miami Marlins cannot get out of the adolescent phase writes the Miami Herald. It has taken so long to not only build up the franchise, but to try to win the fans trust. And that just has happened.

- Read more from Mr. Frisaro this week as he describes a new philosophy driving the Marlins this offseason. One thing is for sure. We no longer will complain about how the minor leagues for the Fish is depleted.

Around The League

- Carlos Ruiz of the Phillies has been suspended 25 games for using an illegal substance. Apparently Ruiz has ADHD, and did not have the proper clearance to use the drug Adderall. The Phillies got a real good year out of the 33 year old catcher last season.

- The Angels and Ryan Madson are nearing a one-year deal. He sat out last season recovering from Tommy John surgery. The deal is only for one year. And it has been reported that Madson automatically steps in as the closer.

- Grant Brisbee gives us possible Anibal Sanchez suitors as free agency is picking up this week. The Tigers and the Orioles appear to be the best spots for the 28 year old right hander. Any chance the Marlins will step in? Just kidding.

At Fish Stripes

- Mr. Jong this week tells us why the Marlins cannot trade Giancarlo Stanton this offseason. There are a few reasons actually. But I will add this. He will probably be traded by the next offseason.

- Is it me? Or is Jeff Loria sort of a creep? He reminds me of the mob boss that sends his guys to do the dirty work. While he stays back and watches. Check out what most of Miami thinks of the Marlins owner. Read more here.

- Mr. Weston tells us more about new Marlins prospect Jake Marisnick, including how this could be the next five-tool player in the outfield for the Fish. Read more here.