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Fish Bites: Are More Moves On The Horizon?

The Miami Marlins completed a major trade with the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday. Coming back this way are young players with promise. But for now, all the Marlins have is a young team almost guaranteed to lose 100 games.

Jason Arnold

Question for you. Will Yunel Escobar be moved before Spring Training? Will Ricky Nolasco be here? And will Logan Morrison be the starting first basemen heading into camp? All are valid questions that no one can answer with certainty since the ownership team is capable of making moves at any time. If the Marlins want to move you, they will. They do not show compassion not even to recent additions (see Mark Buehrle and Jose Reyes).

- The players' association is going to monitor the Miami Marlins situation going forward. They are specifically looking to see if the salary cuts will cause any issues under baseball's labor contract. Union head Michael Weiner said he was not surprised commissioner Bud Selig approved the Marlins-Blue Jays deal on Tuesday. This sounds like a warning and nothing else.

- Marcell Ozuna has been added to the 40-man roster. This is where it gets interesting. Ozuna plays right field. And has shown flashes of great hitting down in the minors. So if Giancarlo Stanton is moved, or if there is an injury, we might see this youngster in the big leagues this year at some point. Ozuna is only 22.

- Larry Beinfest is now saying the situation with the Marlins is not fun. However, it is a move in the right direction, and he and the rest of the management team is embracing that. Here is what I would say to Larry. Thanks for being honest. But the fans feel a lot worse this time around then they did surrounding the last fire sale. Unless something changes, it appears the Marlins will be a low payroll team for the foreseeable future. And that is difficult too.

- Columnist Dave Hyde says it's about time Jeffrey Loria speaks to the media about the recent happenings with the team. A year ago, Loria was all over the news and on the Showtime special documenting the Miami Marlins as they moved into their new ball park. However, now that a fire sale has happened once again, Loria is not talking. And that's not right either.

- Jim Bowden, a former general manager for the Cincinnati Reds, says the Miami Marlins and Toronto Blue Jays both made out fine in their recent trade. One thing is for sure. The Marlins received back young players that are loaded with promise. Only time will tell if they will pan out.

Around The League

- Jeremy Guthrie is going to stay in Kansas City after signing a three year deal with the club on Tuesday. He's getting $25 million to stay with the Royals.

- John Gibbons is returning to Toronto as manager of the club. He previously led the team to a 305-305 record during an earlier stint that started in 2004. He has a lot of talent on this team. Even Melky Cabrera was signed to join all the players that came over from the Marlins.

- Robert Andino has been traded to the Seattle Mariners. He will add valuable depth to a team that is rebuilding. Andino can play multiple positions. Did you know that Andino played high school baseball in Miami.

At Fish Stripes

- Mr. Jong breaks down the Miami Marlins infield as it looks at this moment. The funny part of it all? Catcher might be the most stable of the five infield positions with Rob Brantly as the clear starter and Jeff Mathis the backup.

- Likewise, our fearless leader breaks down the outfield for the Marlins as it looks at this moment. The outfield certainly has less questions than the infield. It looks like Juan Pierre, Justin Ruggiano, and Giancarlo Stanton left to right.

- Excellent article this week regarding the betrayal the Marlins show towards their free agents. While the Red Sox were congratulated across baseball for getting rid of their huge contracts at the last trade deadline, the Marlins were criticized for doing the same. The difference is credibility. The Miami Marlins ownership team does not have this.