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New Miami Marlins Manager Mike Redmond Receives a Three-Year Deal

As we just mentioned, the Miami Marlins have hired Mike Redmond as the team's new manager. With the team's managerial inconsistencies and lack of commitment, it may seem meaningless to hand a guy a contract. As we saw with Ozzie Guillen, a four-year contract, even one worth $10 million, is not a meaningful commitment by the Miami Marlins organization.

Nevertheless, the Marlins have "committed" to Redmond as their new manager for three years, as ESPN's Jerry Crasnick reports that the Marlins have signed him to a three-year deal. The dollar numbers for the deal were not disclosed, so we are still in the dark as to how much the Fish are committing to pay Redmond, which is the more important aspect of the three-year deal than the actual years themselves. Remember, the team still owes $7.5 million to Guillen for his remaining three years.

Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post reports that Redmond will have his introductory press conference on Friday at 1:30 pm at Marlins Park.

You can probably expect fewer F-bombs than we witnessed last time out, but whether this translates to greater success on the field remains to be seen. Nevertheless, let us see how long Redmond on a smaller deal will last for the Marlins.