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Fish Bites: What Will It Take?

The last game of the season is here and the Miami Marlins will once again finish under .500. This season did not go as expected. But can the Fish be a force next year? As long as they believe. Also with links featuring Justin Verlander, Giancarlo Stanton, and Adam Greenberg

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What will it take? What what have to happen for the Marlins to win 90+ games next season? How do they keep the fans around? And why can't we start fixing this now so we get a jump on the rest of the National League? Here are just a few of the questions Marlins fans are asking themselves as the season finale approaches Wednesday. No one obviously has the answers. And even Spring Training is usually not a good indicator. Basically, lots has to happen from here till then.

The Marlins need a new identity. And more importantly, stick to it. Personally, I like the speed game around the bases. They could build this through the core of Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Reyes, and Jacob Turner. Also, the team needs to get stronger at the management level. You can't have a cloud of doubt over you as Larry Beinfest, David Samson, and Ozzie Guillen have had for the last four months. Lastly, you need to reward the fans. As a Marlins fan, I don't care who the manager is, or what the price of the hot dog is at the game, as much as I care about having fun. The team cannot start six bench players in their everyday line up as they have been doing the last few months. Its not fun for the fans. Easy for me to say, I know. But like many of you reading this, I want to see my baseball team in the playoffs every year. Not seeing commercials on TV about what next year might bring.

- Josh Johnson was scratched from his final start of the season on Monday. He has a sore hamstring. Instead, Wade LeBlanc started in his place.

- Marlins Park is awesome. But one thing that is grabbing national attention are the empty seats at Marlins Park. Obviously, things have not gone well for the team on the field. And to make matters worse, they might have the worst attendance figures for the season, at a new stadium, compared to the last ten new ball parks. Truly a shame. Definitely the hype was there to start the season.

- Marlins Park will be home to an international soccer friendly on November 14 when Venezuela plays Nigeria. The team is preparing a festive celebration for its historic, first non-baseball event.

- If for whatever reason you did not know about Adam Greenberg and his second chance to the Majors last night, Marlin Maniac writes a brilliant recap of who this 31-year outfielder is. And how an injury he suffered in 2005, still lingers even now.

- Rant Sports repeats something we already knew. The Miguel Cabrera trade to the Tigers is the worst trade in Marlins franchise history. There is nothing even remotely close to this one.

Around the League

- Ben Sheets is retiring after this season. He came up huge for the Braves in 2012. Read more here.

- C.J. Wilson is undergoing off season elbow surgery. He should be ready for Spring Training. Read more here.

- Yankees prospect Manny Banuelos will have Tommy John surgery. Even though he has missed most of 2012 due to injury, he will also be out most, if not all of 2013 recovering from the procedure.

At Fish Stripes

- Mr. Jong writes about Mark Buehrle this week. He reached 200 innings for the 12th consecutive season. Here is a guy who is so under appreciated. Yet, you can count on him for another 200 innings next season.

- Just in case you missed it, Fish Stripes compares Nathan Eovaldi to Justin Verlander. Marlins fans, you never know. Read more here.