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#FishStripes: Second Chance Seven Years Later

One of the top prospects in the Chicago Cubs organization back in 2005 gets a second chance to make a Major League appearance thanks to lots of support from a filmmaker and Marlins president David Sampson.

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Editor's Note: Zach had this ready to go before game-time for last night's game that included Adam Greenberg, but I was away traveling to the game. Still, it is worth checking out the social media and videos surrounding Greenberg and his one at-bat that came last night.

As the week brings the final days of the 2012 season, one former major leaguer gets a second Opening Day. Through a lot of love and help from NBC, Adam Greenberg gets a second chance to play big league ball.

Here is this week's Tweet of the Week, which is from earlier this afternoon as Greenberg is taking batting practice prior to tonight's game. Greenberg is expected to be making a pinch-hitting appearance.

So how did he get here?

It only took one pitch.

Greenberg was with the Chicago Cubs back in 2005 making his big league debut. As quickly as it started, it ended. Greenberg was struck in the head (ironically against the Fish) and has not returned since. Tonight, he gets that shot, which leads us to the Video of the Week.

Here is another video of Liston and Greenberg entering the ballpark earlier this afternoon:

The support from fans of all ages has erupted from all over the country, even from a nine-year old.

The media tour continues with @MattListon and Greenberg with this interview on CNN last week:

Even other Major League players wanted to give up an at-bat to Greenberg:

The Marlins PR department has said that no player has gotten as much media attention as Greenberg has gotten in the last week.

Forget the season for tonight. What has happened the last 159 games does not matter, because there is no next week for this team. The team should learn something from Greenberg tonight. Baseball is a privilege to play, and hopefully they can see that through a new perspective in the second-to-last game tonight against the Mets.

No matter what happens in his pinch hitting appearance, Adam Greenberg will see more than one pitch in his major league career.

Next week will come the season in review edition of #FishStripes.