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Fish Bites: Marlins Front Office Patiently Interviewing Managerial Candidates

In previous years, the Marlins only interviewed two or three candidates before naming the man they would like to lead the team. This time around, Miami is taking their time, interviewing several candidates, and refusing to name a manager until after the World Series.

Sarah Glenn

When Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria wanted Ozzie Guillen to be the next manager of the Marlins, he didn't waste any time filling the vacancy. Loria quickly reached out to the White Sox, offering two prospects in return. He lured Guillen to Miami without having to conduct another interview.

After Guillen and most of his staff were fired on Tuesday, the Marlins front office has decided to take a new approach. They clearly aren't going to be complacent and stop their search after choosing a favorite candidate. They have already interviewed several candidates, but according to reporter Ken Rosenthal, they will not name their new manager until after the World Series.

- Former catcher Mike Redmond currently appears to be the favorite. Despite what many called "a really good interview" in New York, Redmond is not a lock for the job. Shortly after interviewing Redmond, Miami contacted Cincinnati pitching coach Bryan Price, who has previously interviewed with the Marlins to fill pitching coach and managerial vacancies.

- Mike Lowell put in a good word for Redmond, saying, "Mike Redmond is a man who maximized his talents as a player, communicated well and was a leader. I believe he is the man to lead the Marlins back to playing at a championship level. I'm Mike Lowell and I approved this message."

- Ken Rosenthal also reported on Friday that Larry Bowa interviewed for the job. It appears that Miami would be happy with a first time manager and isn't necessarily looking for someone with experience.

- Ryne Sandberg is believed to be on Miami's short list of possibilities, however it may be difficult to lure him away from the Philadelphia Phillies. After managing the team's Triple-A affiliate, Sandberg was recently promoted to third base coach for the big league club and is viewed as a favorite to replace Charlie Manuel when he retires.

- Miami also lost minor league catching coordinator Tim Cossins, who was hired by the Cubs to be their minor league field coordinator. Cossins was a favorite among Marlins catchers, including John Buck and John Baker. "He's a good coach," said Buck, "I'm a big fan of his. I think he's made me better and when he was here we did well. Some coaches have that knack of having people be receptive to the way they are. He's pretty good."

- Mark Buehrle won his fourth career Fielding Bible Award, which is given to the player that best fields his position between both leagues. "Mark Buehrle was the best fielding pitcher when he was with the White Sox in the American League for the last three years," said owner of Baseball Info Solutions John Dewan, who devised the runs saved metric. "He was the best fielding pitcher this year when he played for the Marlins in the National League."

- Brad Ausmus, who is currently a special assistant in the Padres organization, isn't interested in taking or interviewing for the job. Miami asked San Diego for permission to speak with the former player, however Ausmus immediately declined the offer.

- Amy Nelson of SB Nation noticed a man wearing a Marlins jacket at AT&T Park in San Francisco during the first two World Series games. Find out what the long time Marlins fan thought of the Marlins' decision to fire Guillen and more here.

- Guillen did not speak much after being dismissed, but what he did say he posted on Twitter. In a series of five tweets, he thanked his family, friends, and fans, saying that he is leaving with "his head real high."

Around The League

- Rick Hahn, the White Sox's long-time assistant general manager, was recently named the club's senior vice president/general manager.

- Carl Crawford, who recently underwent Tommy John surgery, spoke during a press conference on Friday, saying that he is excited to be a Dodger after a tough year in Boston. "It's no secret; it was a tough year in Boston," he said. "It's one of those things that I wouldn't want any player to go through, so for me to get out of that situation definitely was a relief so I wouldn't have to go through the stress and stuff every day that it was putting us through."

- Former Tigers pitcher Leslie Mueller, best known for taking the mound for more than 19 innings in a game, died at the age of 93.

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