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Fish Stripes Author Reactions to the Ozzie Guillen Firing

The authors of Fish Stripes react to the firing of Ozzie Guillen, with each questioning the benefit of the move and the motives behind it.

Marc Serota

Here at Fish Stripes, we have been thoroughly covering the firing of Ozzie Guillen right from the start of the speculation until the actual firing and the reactions afterward. But Fish Stripes authors have their own responses to the firing of Guillen from yesterday afternoon, and their reactions are here.

Scott G. (Fish Bites)

The dismissal of manager Ozzie Guillen comes as a surprise only because of the timing. Many wanted Guillen fired following his Castro-related comments just weeks into the season, however Guillen returned from his suspension and led the team to their best month of May in franchise history. Guillen was initially brought in by owner Jeffery Loria because Loria thought that Guillen would be able to lead Miami's youthful core. Guillen wasn't successful, though, as the team failed to reach 70 wins. As the news broke, we learned that Larry Beinfest and David Samson were not crazy about hiring Ozzie in the first place. Tim Wallach, Jim Tracy, Mike Redmond, and Manny Acta are all names that have already been tossed around. However, it wouldn't be surprising if Loria targets Bobby Valentine, who rumors claimed was Loria's first choice to manage the 2012 Marlins.

Eric Weston (Prospect and Draft Coverage)

Rooting for the Marlins forces one to come to terms with a universal constant: Jeffrey Loria always gets his way. This fact is especially unfortunate because Loria possesses extraordinarily poor judgment. Firing manager Ozzie Guillen stands as yet another embarrassment for the franchise, and the fault lies yet again with Loria. Of course, the Marlins will be pinching pennies, so a rookie manager to replace Guillen appears very likely. Despite all of his character flaws, Guillen can competently manage a team. I can't say the same for many rookie managers. For a recent example of a rookie manager costing his team, look no further than Mike Matheny's decision-making in last night's finale of the National League Championship Series. During a critical, bases-loaded scenario in the third inning, Matheny brought out one of his weakest bullpen arms, Joe Kelly, and hurt the Cardinals dearly. I hope that Guillen's replacement at least holds some capacity for critical thought, and doesn't stick to tired convention.

Conor Dorney (Analysis, Prospect and Draft Coverage)

In a move that probably comes as a surprise to very few, Ozzie Guillen has officially been relieved of his duties as the manager of the Miami Marlins. We heard all the rumors over the last several weeks that the Fish were actively seeking a replacement for the always-outspoken Guillen and with the trade of Heath Bell over the weekend, it seemed more and more likely that Ozzie would be the next to go. Sure, Guillen had his share of mishaps this season, but the Marlins' struggles in 2012 went way beyond anything within the realm of a manager's control. There will inevitably have to be some sort of concrete organizational plan (one that isn't completely abandoned at the first sign of trouble), with changes that affect the club from top to bottom if Miami has any shot of implementing a "winning culture," as Larry Beinfest mentioned in today's statement. The groundhog has seen its shadow, Marlins fans. And it's about to be a long winter.