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Fish Bites: An Idea For a Miami Marlins Manager Candidate

When the Miami Marlins make decisions about next year, they should be for the long term. One of those decisions will be about their manager candidate, and Fish Bites has an idea on whom to consider. Plus links on Jose Reyes, Alex Rodriguez, and more.

Marc Serota - Getty Images

I just read the Colorado Rockies are going to interview Jason Giambi for their next manager. This got me thinking about the Miami Marlins if they let their manager go. Should Jeff Conine be a candidate to replace Ozzie Guillen? Obviously there are no linked reports to this. But we all do recognize Conine as Mr. Marlin, and for those of us that live here locally, we see him on the Marlins pre-game and post-game shows. I am not saying he would be the best candidate by any means. However, after seeing what happened with Bobby Valentine with the Boston Red Sox, I also do not think a high profile name is the best choice either.

- Should the Marlins trade for Alex Rodriguez? The Sun Sentinel asks the question this week. I do not think they should. However, here in Miami, there are a lot of A-Rod fans. So it might work to bring fans in.

- Fish Bytes gives us interesting statistics this week. First, the Marlins have now gone nine years since their last postseason appearance. Second, since 2002, only the Seattle Mariners have had more managers than the Miami Marlins. I did not say they were positive statistics.

- By far a bright spot for the Marlins in 2012 was Jose Reyes. He was able to play in 160 games, and swipe 40 bases. For a guy with an history of injuries, I would say he exceeded expectations.

- The Miami Marlins on Monday had a day of service and philanthropy. On hand at this event was Sharon Robinson. She is Jackie Robinson's daughter. Pretty cool stuff.

Around the League

- The Cincinnati Reds have extended the contract of current manager Dusty Baker, until 2014. The Reds still trust in Baker even though he has not had much luck in the postseason recently.

- Brian McCann is undergoing off season shoulder surgery. He is going to repair damage to his right shoulder. Maybe this is why he did not have a good season at the plate.

- The Colorado Rockies are interviewing Jason Giambi for manager. Curious move as Giambi does not have coaching experience.

At Fish Stripes

- Conor Dorney shares with us this week three low cost free agent options the Marlins might be interested in. I especially like Kevin Millwood as a fifth starter for this team.

- Mr. Jong reviews the fine season Donovan Solano had for the Marlins. It all started in spring training for this Colombian infielder.

- Rob Neyer this week talks about the Carlos Lee acquisition. Not only did Lee fail to help the Marlins turn things around, he even managed to be the worst first baseman in the National League this season. Not good.