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Fish Bites: Another Exciting Offseason?

The Miami Marlins management will get together at the end of the month to discuss the first moves of the offseason. Fish Bites features links on Emilio Bonifacio, Ozzie Guillen, and more.

Marc Serota - Getty Images

Now that the season is over, I just wanted to thank all of the readers and Marlins fans for staying connected all season. It has been abysmal at times and even frustrating. But I enjoyed writing about my favorite team on a weekly basis. I will continue to hope for better things next year, especially when I see the Orioles and the Athletics in the postseason. It can be turned around rather quickly. However the changes have to start now. Go Fish! And continue to stay involved at Fish Stripes. Your comments are always appreciated.

- Here is one more look at the comparisons between the Marlins 2012 opening day line up, and their closing day line up. Suffice to say, its amazing how different it is.

- Nice article this week on Emilio Bonifacio and how he is looked up to back home in the Dominican Republic. Surely Boni's speed at the top of the line up was sorely missed this season.

- Ozzie says he is taking full responsibility for what happened in 2012, including all of the Marlins struggles from beginning to end. The only issue I can see fans having with this is no one has seen Ozzie say this to the actual fans, only to reporters. I'd like to see how sincere he really is, especially since the season got off to such a rocky start because of his off-the-field issues.

Around the League

- The Colorado Rockies fired their hitting coach and third base coach Monday evening. This comes one day after the sudden resignation of former manager, Jim Tracy. Read more here.

- Johnny Cueto has a right oblique strain. Mike Leake will step in and replace Cueto if he is indeed placed on the disabled list.

- Jaime Garcia is off of the Cardinals roster for the rest of their series against the Nationals. Shelby Miller will take his place instead as an extra reliever.

At Fish Stripes

- Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria continues to mull over his options. No decison has been made yet on whether or not Larry Beinfest and Ozzie Guillen will be in their respective roles next year. Or if they will be let go. Stay tuned.

- Conor Dorney shares with us this week why the acquisition of Carlos Lee mid-season was a failed experiment. Even though the team had the right intention, clearly Carlos was not the same player anymore, nor should he have been expected to reinvigorate a stagnate offense.

- There is quite a bit of negativity following the team as we await the future of a few key members of management. However, here is something that went right this year: trades. The team was able to pull off a few nice trades with the future in mind. They might not have looked fancy on paper. But these deals were made with long term vision. Read more here.