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Fish Bites: Small Acquisition, Big Return?

In case it has been too long, the Marlins made yet another move this offseason, this time to improve their starting rotation, by trading Palm Beach native Chris Volstad to the Chicago Cubs for right handed pitcher Carlos Zambrano. While the team's rotation appears to be set, you never know. This front office has been surprising and exciting to follow all throughout the entire offseason, and just when you think they are finished and no longer have any moves to make, they move the king across the game board to reel in yet another impact player.

Even though it has been a fun and eventful offseason, the new additions to this Marlins team will have to prove themselves before the fan base can get too excited. Injuries have plagued the Marlins in the past, most noticeably last season, and if these new acquisitions end up only playing in eighty or ninety games, this team may sink quickly.

- The Sun-Sentinel reports that Ozzie Guillen was the key to luring Carlos Zambrano to the Miami. Guillen and Zambrano are good friends, and both sides (Zambrano and the Marlins) feel like they will see a Zambrano with a new attitude in 2012. The front office supported the trade, mainly due to Guillen's confidence in Zambrano. "We went with Ozzie on this one," President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest said.

- Joe Frisaro of write that the Marlins' front office is aware that in baseball, there are not any guarantees. The three primary free agents the Miami Marlins have signed this year (Reyes, Buehrle, Bell) have been compared to "The Big Three" of the Miami Heat, however all three will have to prove themselves healthy and effective in a Marlins uniform first.

- The Palm Beach Post takes a look at Carlos Zambrano's top five incidents in which he let his emotions get the best of him. Zambrano has almost done it all in his professional career, ranging from things as minor as getting mad at his catcher in the dugout, to things as extreme as mocking an umpire or punching Gatorade coolers after getting ejected.

- Made official yesterday, the Miami Marlins have signed third baseman and lefty utility man Greg Dobbs to a two year, $3 million dollar contract. Dobbs was successful off the bench in 2011, and typically took advantage of the starting time he received at third base or in the outfield by collecting multiple hits a game. The Marlins have been successful filling the bench spots reserved for pinch hitters in the past, having signed Wes Helms and Ross Gload, who both were great pinch hitters for the Marlins.

- In order to create a spot on the roster for Dobbs, Elih Villanueva has been designated for assignment.

Around The League

- The Oakland Athletics have re-signed center fielder Coco Crisp to a two-year contract.

- The New York Yankees have failed to reach a deal with Hiroyuki Nakajima, whom they had won the negotiating rights to.

- Multiple months into the free agent signing period, Ryan Madson, once considered "the best closer on the market", has yet to be signed.

At Fish Stripes

- The Miami Marlins have acquired right handed pitcher Carlos Zambrano from the Cubs in exchange for Chris Volstad. Will this deal pay off for the Fish?

- Never make a statement without statistics to back it up. The Marlins have recently re-signed Greg Dobbs. Was that the right move, according to the statistics?

- Don't forget to vote for your All-Time Florida Marlins third baseman. One thing is for sure, Hanley Ramirez is not on the ballot, yet.