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Fish Bites: First of 2012 Edition

First and foremost, I must wish you all a happy new year. Though it may be our last, damn Mayans!
If that is the case, hopefully the Miami Marlins of 2012 send us into the apocalypse with a World Series Championship!

- Speaking of the new year. Strip Club with Stanton has some new years resolutions for some of the players on the Marlins. Speaking of the apocalypse, he is also getting married. So pop on over there and tell him congratulations, or your sympathy...whichever you prefer.

- The Sun Sentinel says the Marlins are still in the market for a starter. Fearless leader Michael Jong already has a story up about who it should be. You can read what Michael's favorite reporter Ken Rosenthal thinks here.

- SBNation Houston has an interesting thought on the starter situation for the Marlins. What about Wandy?

- Marlin Maniac also has a few resolutions to add.

- Turns out the new Marlins fish tanks may not be the first of their kind after all. Either way, I don't care, just as long as there are more Marlins in our tanks than Rays in theirs.

- Al Yellon has come up with 12 things that will happen in 2012 and the Marlins are on their twice. I'm already dreading the first time No. 1 happens. The HORROR!

Around the League

- Beyond the Boxscore talks about a more interactive way to look at hitter metrics. You mean batting average doesn't tell the whole story? What about RBIz? We all love RBIz! I kid, I kid.

- So the Washington Nationals already nabbed Gio Gonzalez, and now they are the favorite for Prince Fielder? If they do land him, it will be a long time before the NL East can ever consider the Nationals bottom feeders again.

- In an odd quirk of the way Hall of Fame voting works, there is a chance no one gets voted into the Hall of Fame this year. That would be a travesty.

At Fish Stripes

- Eric Weston takes a look at prospects No. 6-10. So Eric, any shot of a future All-Star Caliber player?

- Who would you rather trade: Gaby Sanchez or Logan Morrison. My vote is for Gaby Morrison.

- if you haven't voted yet, here's this week's latest Fish Stripes caption contest, Wild Pitch! Oh, you silly-looking Marlin, you.

- If you haven't read it already, Michael Jong's take on what the 2012 Miami Marlins season will be like is an absolute must read.

- If you have anything more to say on Fish Stripes, go to the off-topic thread and clear your head.