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Fish Bites: Is it April Yet? Edition

As the season gets closer and closer, it still seems further and further away.

The Miami Marlins may find themselves a bit busier than most when it comes to spring training. Ozzy + Hanley + Jose + Buehrle + Bell means I'd watch.

I know this should be in the at Fish Stripes section but I couldn't pass this up. I know FishNFinz has a lovely Chris Coghlan photo up for this week's Wild Pitch. But there is no better photo than this one involving LoMo. Wow.

Speaking of Coghland, Marlin Maniac thinks he may be the odd man out. The only odd man out I know of is the Miami Dolphins after Jeff Fisher climbed all over them to get a better offer from the Rams.

StripClubWithStanton looks at how to get to the new ballpark, more hard it will be to get there.

A View From the Bleachers sent over this nice owner's manual on Big Z in the trade. A must read for sure.

The Marlins don't even get to play the first game at the new park, high schoolers do.

At Fish Stripes

FishNFinz asks which rotation you want to roll with this season. Aside from the opening series of each half of the season..the rotation really doesn't matter. But it's good to take a look anyway.

Around the League

Fangraphs asks if Yoenis Cespedes can really be worth the money it will take to get him. I'm not so sure myself.

More bad news for the Marlins, or really the NL East as the Nationals have signed Gio to a five-year extention. Can we win now please?