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Fish Bites: From 'Big Z' to 'Big D'

With spring training just months away, and catchers due to report along with pitchers towards the end of February, the end to a long, significant offseason for the new Miami Marlins is rapidly coming to an end. Whether it be talk about the new stadium, the new uniforms, the new free agents, or the same old player internal conflicts, this offseason has been full of it all. With the most recent being the Carlos Zambrano trade, the what the Marlins have done during the past few months show that they want to win, and do nothing but win.

While all of the Marlins' weak spots (starting pitching, bench, etc.) have been addressed this offseason, it will be interesting to see if the key pieces added will improve the team significantly. One thing the Miami Marlins have done during the past few months: Made the most boring time of the year for baseball fans entertaining.

-Recently acquired right handed pitcher Carlos Zambrano, who is notorious for having issues with umpires, coaches, and teammates, has reportedly traveled to Guatemala with his family to adopt a young boy, named Kenneth. Zambrano had shown interest in adopting the young boy multiple years ago, but had to wait for him to become officially "abandoned". Zambrano, a father of three, looks to bring young Kenneth back to Venezuela as soon as possible.

-The Sun-Sentinel suggests that the Marlins' issues start with shortstop Hanley Ramirez. Earlier in the offseason, he refused to publicly acknowledge the switch to third base. Ramirez has embraced the role since.

-Joe Frisaro of explains that the top half of the Marlins' batting order seem to be very strong. The top of the lineup will likely feature names such as Jose Reyes, Emilio Bonifacio, Mike Stanton, Logan Morrison, and Hanley Ramirez. The offense received a huge boost this offseason, with the addition of Reyes. also claims that the resigning of Greg Dobbs will boost the Marlins' depth off the bench. A problem in the past, the Marlins' bench should be more productive with the additions of Dobbs, Bryan Petersen, and possibly Aaron Rowand.

-The Palm Beach Post has announced that the first two Miami Marlins games of 2012 will be televised on ESPN. Those games include opening night against the Cardinals, and an away game against the Cincinnati Reds.

-According to several sources, Mark Buehrle will be residing further away from the Marlins' stadium in Broward, due to a law banning pitbulls in Dade.

Around The League

-Major League Baseball's club owners voted to extended current commissioner Bud Selig's contract though 2014. Selig announced he was considering retirement after this season before the extension.

-MLB owners have delayed the sale of the San Diego Padres organization to Jeff Moorad.

-The Tampa Bay Rays have signed Luke Scott to a one-year contract.

-Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson, who received an offer to participate in spring training for the Colorado Rockies organization, has said that he has decided to enter the NFL draft.

At Fish Stripes

-Before the Marlins signed Jose Reyes, both Reyes and Hanley Ramirez were shortstops. Wonder which one played better defense?

-The Marlins' bullpen was much improved last year, in comparison to 2010. Look for them to have yet another great year.