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Hanley Ramirez scheduled for shoulder surgery on Sept. 15

Hanley Ramirez is scheduled to have shoulder surgery on September 15. Hello Birmingham! Actually the surgery may take place in Gulf Breeze, FL. Honestly, I have no idea which clinic it will be performed in, but most happen in Alabama.


SS Hanley Ramirez's surgery on his left shoulder was scheduled for Sept. 15. It will be performed by Dr. James Andrews.

Baseball operations president Larry Beinfest said the surgery will start off as arthroscopic but could expand to open surgery, which will dictate Ramirez's recovery time.

"I think they start with a scope and go from there," he said.

It has been awhile since Beinfest has been to medical school, so it may not go that way. It is good news that the club is letting Dr. Andrews do the surgery, he is the best. So maybe, just maybe, this can finally be fixed for once and for all. Hopefully Hanley will take the punch card with him, because I think with this surgery the Marlins will qualify for a free car wash.