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Ichthyomancy Crowns a Champion

Every year, Ichthyomancy declares a Champion and this year's award goes to Dgriot!

Exceedingly well done.

It didn't come easy for Dgriot, he didn't start out in the lead and had some pretty stiff competition early on. Spud jumped out to an early lead but was unable to hold it. Two time winner LadyFish mounted her usual charge and was in the mix right up 'til the last few weeks. It was a tight race until Dgriot started guessing almost every attendance number right and not to mention the player pick and the outfield coming through for him.

He played the game well, and ran off from the others towards the end. A very deserving Champion.

One does need to note: the highest score for one game in Ichthyomancy history was broken by a lot. In the very first game of the season, FSUMarlin crushed the old record by guessing darn near everything right. That was impressive.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2011 version of Ichthyomancy. It was truly appreciated.

There is only one thing left to say: Congratulations Dgriot! You are the Champ!

I will be contacting you about your prize.