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Ozzie Guillen announced as the first manager of Miami Marlins

As you already know by now, Ozzie Guillen will be the manager of the Miami Marlins.

On Wednesday, baseball fans, lapsed baseball fans and prospective baseball fans got an earful from Ozzie Guillen, who was introduced as the Marlins’ new manager.


If his two hours of blunt, profane and hilarious pronouncements served as a preview, Guillen will turn the Marlins’ air-conditioned new home in Little Havana into the Land of Ozzie next season.


"I want people to be proud to wear the Marlins jersey, for kids to say, ‘I’m a Marlins fan,’ " Guillen said. "I want people to come back to the games because they love what they see. If they come to see me, that’s a bad thing because I’m only on the field if something is wrong – if I’m taking a pitcher out or arguing with an umpire."

While this may come as a shock to Ozzie, there are many of us who were proud to wear Marlins gear. Especially since we have felt a strong connection to club, for many years. Now, whether we are willing to wear the possible clown costumes that the team may be getting ready to display, is another matter.

In order to secure Ozzie as manager of the Marlins they traded Ozzie Martinez and Jhan Marinez to the White Sox. Which is kinda interesting in that Loria earlier was so dismayed about the situation in the Minors that he did a front office restructuring, and then trades two of the top 10 prospects for a manager. 

That is par for the course.

Many people have written articles about how Loria and Guillen may end up clashing since both have strong personalities. I disagree. If there is a clash that happens, and there probably will be, it will be between Larry Beinfest and Ozzie Guillen. Beinfest is very hands on and Guillen does things his way. And that isn't a winning combination.

But we will see.

In an insane society, such as the Marlins Front Office, the sane person doesn't fit in. Ozzie Guillen may be just lunatic enough he could cruise right through.

Welcome aboard Ozzie.