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"Leo Nunez" will not face charges

The player formerly known as "Leo Nunezwill not face charges.

Authorities in the Dominican Republic say Florida Marlins closer Leo Nunez will not face charges for using false documents to sign a professional baseball contract.


Central Electoral Commission President Roberto Rosario on Tuesday urged any athlete in a similar situation to contact authorities and help identify whoever provides false documents.


Dominican authorities detained Hector Pena Diaz last week. He is suspected of falsifying Nunez’s documents.

And as it should be. When young kids of 16 or in this case of 17 years-old get awful advice, the person preying on them for profit, should be the ones to be charge. Should "Leo" made this known sooner, yeah, but, it is hard to fault to a guy whose paycheck depends on him keeping it secret.  Yes, MLB gave him a chance to come clean, but it also came with a very stiff penalty.

Hopefully this will all workout for the best. And I think it will, if for no other reason than Juan Carlos has finally laid this burden down.